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Methods of obtaining energy.

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1 Methods of obtaining energy. on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:58 pm


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Methods of obtaining energy.

- When energy is accumulated, one of the most important components of any way of accumulating energy by the body is MUTUAL REPRESENTATION OF THE ENERGY RECOVERY PROCESS.
- When obtaining energy, one must be able to feel how it flows into the body, into every organ, into every cell. The more inventive and bright your visualisation, the more effective the collection of energy.

Getting energy from the Sun

This is the easiest way to "recharge". Raise your hands up, palms to the Sun, disconnect from all extraneous thoughts, tune in to receiving energy and mentally ask the sun to give you energy. Feel the whole process of obtaining energy, filling it with the body until the sensation of rupture. Seven times thank the Sun orally or mentally, move down your hands.

Getting energy from the Earth.

This is one of the ancient methods used by yogis.
You must sit cross-legged. Put your hands on your knees, connecting your thumb and index finger together (both hands), and the other fingers are pulled so that they touch the Earth. Take a deep breath and focus on the thought that by breathing in, the energy of the Earth penetrates through the fingertips into your body, and when you exhale, it run into your bioenergy.

Getting combined energy from the Sun and Earth.

It is advisable to do this early in the morning at dawn in a secluded place.
Rub your palms, imagining that the openings of the channels for the passage of energy open on the palms of the hands. After rubbing and warming the palm of your hands, you need to massage the inlets with your "mental hands", imagining how they increase in size and get the size of the palm. With your "mental hands" you need to look after and massage the walls of the imaginary channels of both hands. Feel how the channels expand in diameter and begin to react to the influence of "mental hands". Mentally create a small glowing ball, crush it with "mental hands". He must "swell" to the diameter of the channel, after which the ball moves up and down the channels cleaning them.
Then feel how the channel opens on your soles until the size of your feet. Then use a cleaning ball as you did with your hands. Concentrate in the channels of the hands, and at some point there will be a feeling that the hands have become light, like weightless. Then concentrate in the canals of your feet and feel how they "wake up" to receive the energy of the Earth.
The sun is rising, and its energy begins to flow into the channels of the hands with powerful currents. The right feeling is a feeling of filling with light and heat, a feeling of pulsation of the entrance openings of the hands and feet and a feeling of the Earth's soft and dark energy, a sense of harmony and purity. After a few minutes, fatigue goes away, you have a feeling of cheerfulness, a surge of energy.

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2 Re: Methods of obtaining energy. on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:06 pm


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Get the energy of the Cosmos.

Raise your hands, imagine channels with holes on the palms and balls of energy. Begin inhale slowly through the channels and pump up these energy balls. Feel the balls stretch into a long narrow beam and rush upward, toward the sky, to the boundaries of the atmosphere, and then further into space and open there as flowers. And instantly through the energy rays the energy of the cosmos stretches through the channels of the hands, filling the body with the energy of the world space. This method is especially good for situations where you need to instantly replenish energy reserves.
Replenishment of energy with the help of rhythmic breathing.

Put your feet together, close your fingers. Proceed to yogic rhythmic breathing. To do this, establish a rhythm of breathing with the rhythm of your heart beat. Depending on the training, inhalation can be stretched from 6 to 15 heartbeats, exhalation is equal to the duration of inspiration, keeping the breath after inhalation in duration should be equal to half the duration of inspiration or expiration, the pause after exhalation is also equal to the respiratory delay. That is, if you inhale - 6 beats, then exhale - 6 beats - pause after inhalation - 3 beats.
In no case can we overwork ourselves with this breath, everything should happen freely with a figurative representation of the incoming energy by inhaling from the ambient air, merging with the entire Cosmos.
During inspiration, energy is absorbed into the chest, while the energy of exhalation is exhaled into the solar plexus.

Getting energy from water.

While in the water, create a rhythmic breathing and visualize that with the inspiration the energy of water penetrates through the pores into your body, and when it is exhaled, it run into bioenergy.

Get the energy from the trees.

Choose the most powerful tree with healthy shiny leaves. Walk around the tree, evoke a feeling of sympathy and goodwill to the tree, listen carefully to your feelings, look at the good relationship of the tree to yourself. If such feelings do not arise, then this tree does not fit.
Find a tree that is in harmony with you, approach it at a distance, where the "influence" of the tree is most strongly felt. Next to the tree, feel the roots of the tree, the movement of the Earth's energy from the roots along the trunk to the crown of the tree. Then you will feel how the cosmic energy flows through the leaves and moves along the trunk, reaching the roots. Identify yourself with the tree, mentally merge with it, feel the movement of energy from the bottom up and vice versa. Imagine how this energy cleanses you. Rinse yourself so that you feel the inner purity. Then mentally ask the tree to give you the energy. Absorb the energy accumulated by the tree, through your palms in synchronization with your inspiration.

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