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Magic water mirror.

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1 Magic water mirror. on Thu 23 Nov 2017 - 20:43


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Magic water mirror.

A man came up with little from what nature itself did not come up with. He can only learn from his amazing advice and try to imitate her. This is what happened with the invention of mirrors. People got their own nature long before they learned how to melt metals and produce glass.
Next to the man, the mirror was always: it was enough to look at the calm and calm surface of the lake, in a simple vessel with water or even in a well. Reflection to yourself has always attracted, fascinated, forced to look, capturing everyone's imagination. And sometimes a scarecrow, causing inexplicable excitement: suddenly in the depths of the water there was something mystical that could not be quite close. Since ancient times, apparently, the popular roots of most folk tales have come.
For example, it was believed that if you look at the lake for a long time, you will not see anything other than your own hour of death. This was absolutely convinced by the ancient Greeks, the Hindus and, of course, the Slavs. The famous ethnographer of Russia Afanasyev, who was engaged in collecting folk legends, who lived in the XIX century, brought a lot of such information in his works. Let's try to consider some of them.
In 1707, during the reign of the so-called "King of the Sun", namely Louis XIV, documentary evidence of an important event was preserved. On this day in the house of one of the favorites of the Duke of Orleans there was an unusual performance. In the vicinity of noble gentlemen, in the middle of the hall, stood a modest girl of eight years - this was the daughter of a servant. In her hand, the girl held a glass filled with water, which the duke himself gave her, desperately wanting to see the supernatural powers of this child. He wanted to know if it was true that she could predict the future with only one glass of water. The Duke asked the girl to describe in detail the death of the reigning Louis XIV, who would be at his bedside. In the hall after such questions, all those present died down, and there was silence.
The girl, meanwhile, gazed intently into the water in the glass, and then began to speak. First of all, she described the room in detail. All present exchanged glances with each other, because it really was the king's bedroom. Then the girl was able to describe in detail the dying king and those present, how they looked, what they wore, where each of them stood. After that, everyone in the classroom was worried about what they had heard, and asked if there were any of them in the king's room. In the end, all of them were close to him people. But the girl just shook her head. Everyone was puzzled, because in the king's room, which never had a servant's daughter, she described exactly the smallest details. But the Duke of Orleans and other guests before the king at the time of his death doubted. How can it be that all of them, especially those close to the ruler, are not present at the last hour? Grandes immediately wrote down everything they had heard in writing and sealed their signatures with this document. Copies have survived to this day. Eight years after the event described, King Louis XIV died, and the scene of his death to the last detail corresponded to the words of a little prophetess. And none of the guests of the Duke of Orleans, like himself, was present on the deathbed of his king, because each of them died even earlier.

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2 Re: Magic water mirror. on Thu 23 Nov 2017 - 20:49


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Mental reading with the help of water, apparently, was known even in the distant past. Siberian shamans and African sorcerers, prophets in China and the Indians of North America, looking at the mirror image, turned to the spirits.
Nevertheless, the basic methods of divination were not the same everywhere. For example, in ancient Greece, people engaged in hydronomy, that is, predictions about water, causing the phenomenon of the gods, occasionally threw precious stones into the water. And also you can use crystalline vessels. Thus, in the description of the life of Isidore, who was the head of the Athenian school
The Neoplatonists in the sixth century speak of his incredible encounter with a pious woman who had a unique divine gift in order to foresee the future. And she was able to do this with the help of a crystal bowl in which she poured clean water. She could only describe what she could see in her.
A well-known researcher of ancient customs and beliefs, J. Fraser, says that when the people of Thralles wanted to know what would ultimately result in Mithridates' war, they turned to one boy who, assuring himself that looking at the water, he sees the image of Mercury, and it tells him about the future.
Especially experienced were the Persians in divination on water. There is even such an assumption that the art of divination about the reflection of water was brought to the West directly from Persia.
The same method of predictions was for the Slavic peoples. Among the finds of archeologists were found many large vessels, that is, the spells belonging to the so-called Trojan centuries, from the second to the fourth century of our era.
According to the assumptions of the popular academician and historian Rybakov, such bowls, that is, spells, were used for the traditional prediction of baptism. Until very late, such ships were widely used in any prediction, as well as for predictions of the fate itself. Perhaps, since then, it has become our habit to talk about those who foresaw something, as if they knew in advance "how I looked at the water."

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3 Re: Magic water mirror. on Thu 23 Nov 2017 - 21:07


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
In later times, rituals similar to divination on the water remained in Russia. For example, in the Khlyst sect, which arose in the XVII century among peasants, for many centuries the following surprising performance was observed. During ritual ceremonies in the prayer houses in the middle of the room was placed a vat filled with water, which was also lit by wax candles. If during the procedure the water in the vat is frozen, then, kneeling, everyone can see a fog over the glass, and in it - the holy child, whom they worshiped.
In general, vessels filled with fluid for general clairvoyance were used. Thus, according to the manuscript of the 1st-7th centuries, For this purpose the King of Great Britain, Llud, used a bath with honey wine. This legend, or a true story, can inspire the famous classic William Shakespeare who lived in the 16th century. As he mentioned in his work "Macbeth", in the description of the magical rite for evoking from the cauldron a magic liquid of ghosts.
Note that not only the great Shakespeare used such revelations. In a rather concrete form, a member of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati discovered for each of us what was true for him. Abaris was dedicated to the highest rank and wore a secret name. His inventions in the field of optics were ahead of modern science for ages and for a long time were strictly classified. And his real name was the name of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who in his Faust illuminated the fact that, gazing intently into the glass of water, one could not only summon spirits or try to find a thief, but also find out the diagnosis of any disease.
The fact that used to look at the shiny surfaces of water for certain purposes by ancient doctors, inform and ancient sources of medicine. One can only guess at the actual goal with which it was done. It is also possible that this was the goal of a scholar Faustus or shamans of the times of equatorial Africa. Peering into a regular teapot filled with water, you can put medical diagnoses, striking the accuracy of civilized tourists and travelers.
Practice of contemplation in mirror and smooth liquids has not disappeared in our time. So, today the South African Zulus predicts the future and looks pretty successfully at the most ordinary vessel with water. And the Egyptians of our time are doing something like this, pouring ink in a saucer. From the "tricks" of the legendary wizard Count Cagliostro, you can also give an example - for his predictions about the future, he often also used vessels filled with water, which in our time has many evidences.
Once the Count addressed the guests during a festive dinner at the famous St. Petersburg aristocrat, writer Elagin with the words: does anyone want to stay in this place among all those present without feeling embarrassed by space and at the same time time to see what might happen somewhere far away, anywhere, anywhere on the planet. The audience, collected in the performance of the great magician, reached utter bewilderment. On all gathered Cagliostro, having glanced, has chosen the young girl. As soon as he approached her, indecipherability appeared in his head, and all thoughts were confused, and, not taking the slightest hesitation, she began to obey the sorcerer. Before a low table, he put it on a chair, asking to gaze intently into the water, which was poured into the decanter.
A few minutes passed. Cagliostro asked what the girl saw.
She saw the way ... the carriage ... the carriage ... in the carriage she saw a man, Prince Potemkin, who, apparently, was heading towards them. After that, the girl saw that he was leaving the car, and at the same moment the front door to the hall opened, where all the guests were sitting, and Prince Potemkin entered. The people gathered in this house were so stunned that no one could say a word. Moreover, Prince Potemkin said that he was not going to visit, but he suddenly remembered that an interesting performance was to be held and planned.
The fact that for his famous predictions, Cagliostro used reflection in water, evidence in various countries of the world has been preserved.

Tatiana Zvezdnaya.

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