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Rules of Spiritual Healing.

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1 Rules of Spiritual Healing. on Mon 6 Nov 2017 - 23:38


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Rules of Spiritual Healing.

1. A person must realize the need for healing and seek help.

Svendenberg writes that a sinner does not go to heaven, not because there is an angel with a sword. No, the gates of paradise are always open for everyone. The sinner does not see the light in heaven. The light for him is in hell. And he goes to hell, enjoying an absolutely comfortable environment for him. And only at the moment when he realizes himself a sinner, only then he sees paradise and begins a painful ascent there. And before that the light from paradise, falling into hell, it seems not realized the sinner is just a fetid puddle.
Each person has his own Hell. His hell is disease, illness and body, and consciousness. When a person falls ill, he instinctively seeks healing. But this instinctive urge is extinguished by ego-complexes and social attitudes. From the point of view of the Ego, the "I" must always be on top, in a state of full value. And to admit that you are sick, already realize yourself inferior. Hence the Ego does not like to admit that it is sick - only in cases of benefits: rest, cause pity ... At the social level, one must work, earn money, perform duties - regardless of the disease. And a person lives in the illusion of health, in fact gradually breaking down - both physically and mentally.
And if such a person is offered a healing session, thereby declaring him ill, means to emphasize his inferiority, in fact, to become the enemy of this person. Even if a person agrees - he will never accept a setting for Reiki from you, through a healing session, he will not reveal himself to receive help from you.
Each of us has an untouchable right: the right of free Will-choice. And if a person has chosen the choice of "being sick", one should respect him for that. Not for illness, but for the ability to realize the will, if only. And if you are personally concerned with the sick state of this person, ie. you perceive his condition as a personal problem, and his - part of his living space, try to unobtrusively bring him to the idea of ​​the need for healing. And he must consciously state the request for healing - thus making a free choice of his own free will. Only after that, effective healing is possible - after showing trust in you.
Trust is an extremely important factor in spiritual healing. After all, we do not direct the flow of energy, do not "break" the blocks, do not "open" the chakras. In Spiritual Healing, our "I" does not do anything with energy at all. Absolute trust in the work of the Reiki program, the absolute trust of the Divine wisdom manifested in Reiki, the absolute revelation of Reiki - these are the main and necessary factors of effective healing, both oneself and others. After all, the flow of energy in Reiki is not. There is a feeling of flow - yes, the sensations can be very different, but there is no flow, for Reiki does not flow - Reiki manifests itself in the whole volume of space, here and now. And it affects the currents of energy in the body - that's what they are beginning to actively flow and affect our senses.
So - you trust Reiki, and the patient - you. In no case should one impose their help, advertise themselves to confirm in the eyes of people their status as a healer. You need to declare yourself, if you decide to help people heal, you need to be given the opportunity to contact you. But do not impose these opportunities. Reiki allows us to become oneself, merge with the deep inner "I", having got rid of the illusions of merging with any of the forms. And to consider that you have become a healer, to be proud of it, to feel the importance of this means to go very tightly into the illusory form of a "healer". You can practice healing, but you can do something else, you can help people very successfully, but you can also do other things, and you should not think about advertising, but about the perfection of yourself as having Reiki-tuning. And if you are confident in yourself and in Reiki, then there will be people who you can help and trust, which will be given to you and the reward that you will deserve.

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2 Re: Rules of Spiritual Healing. on Mon 6 Nov 2017 - 23:42


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
2. There should be energy exchange.

Our universe is built on one global law - the law of conservation of energy balance. I have already mentioned it, the world strives for balance, but a man violates it, and thanks to this, he receives all necessary and all that is deserved. If a person receives some benefit, then he should give the same benefit. In addition, each of us, as part of the universe, also strives to balance its personal living space.
Disease, especially chronic, is a very static state in which a balance has been reached between the inner and the outer. And when a person chooses healing and takes a step - turns to the healer, having received the appropriate help, he breaks the balance. First, in his filled volume of living space, he places Good-use and something equal must go from him. Moreover, the sooner leaves, the less will be given. If you do not give consciously, then the Law of Balance literally vomits from the life of a person something useful, useful, or valuable. Secondly, the balance between the healer and the patient was disturbed - the healer has benefited man, he should benefit the healer. In addition, the healer broke the balance in his living space, giving benefit to man. And all three violations can be neutralized by one action - paying the healer. Ideally, the payment should be the same as that given to a person - healing. But man can not give it. In addition, the board carries one more important aspect - the board gives the subconscious value to the newly acquired. Therefore, it is necessary to pay, and since usually people value subconsciously material, it is better to pay the material ones.
In fact, by and large, a person brings gratitude in the form of a sacrifice to the higher forces, and they transfer the payment to the healer. And the healer does not charge for healing with Reiki. The gift of Reiki healer received for himself, for personal healing has already gained all the benefits. Now, Dar Rakee is giving people to people. For this money is not taken. Money is taken for the time spent on the session, money is taken for knowledge that the healer transfers during the session in favor of the person, money is taken for attention, conscientiousness and professionalism - for the work. And to pass Reiki is not work, it is pleasure and getting healing for oneself. After all, during the session as a person begins to actively resonate with Reiki in you, so you yourself begin to resonate with the appeared Reiki in the person. And you are also healed.
In order to pay what you pay for, you must constantly improve your skills, and do not forget - spiritual healing requires the study of psychology, the study of the work of consciousness, the study of psychosomatics, methods of refrigeration and gestalt therapy. And, first of all, you must apply the knowledge gained to yourself. In Reiki you do not help a person - a person, taking Reiki through you, helps himself. And here, in the clean work with Reiki, absolutely not important is your experience or the time that has elapsed since the setup. Correctly do the session, observing the principles and rules, trust Spiritual leadership - and everything will be in order. But psychologically you can help a person as much as they helped themselves. And if you are concerned about the issue of payment (quite a normal question), then find what you will be given money for.
The pay and its form are determined by the healer. In the framework of the commercialization of Reiki, under the influence of the masters of the Reiki Alliance, money becomes the only form of payment. Of course, if you pay 150, 600, 10 000 dollars, respectively, in the steps for setting up, then you will subconsciously seek to earn more money to justify the amount spent. Moreover, you will in every possible way justify the amount you assigned for the session, claiming that Reiki will not act in the unpaid session. This is a lie, Reiki will act in any case, but the unpaid benefit will cause an imbalance of energy, and Reiki will begin to actively restore it, and instead of one, usually not too much sum per session, a person will have to pay either financially (losing money somehow or other ), or morally (actively passing the lessons of relationships), or physically (launching a very hard purge of the body).
In fact, the main criterion of payment is a real benefit for the healer. It can be both gratitude, and a gift, and a service, and help, and money. Money is easier to send to a really useful healer, but the gift can be useless, and the service - bearish. And the balance will be restored. And the healer should be honest with himself and with people, never overcharging himself, but without lowering the price of the benefits brought to him by man. And never be guided by a sense of guilt towards money, embarrassed to take them for their work (if the work was done).
In general, the work should maximally follow the rule stated in the Principles: "take care not about paying your labor, but about being able to work". Do your job flawlessly, in the most conscientious way, fully demonstrating all your best qualities and available knowledge. Do, realizing that what has been done will necessarily be rewarded from above. And if a person does not pay for the session, do not worry at all. The main thing is that you have done Good in general, not for this particular person. He was just the one to whom Good was directed. But this universal character of the Dobr does not at all diminish. And the fee, one way or another, will come. In the end, you have broken the balance of the world. Having given good to the world, now the world must give you good. Never link the payment of your labor, and not only in healing, with specific people. They pay through them, with their hands, but they do not pay. Remember this!

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3 Re: Rules of Spiritual Healing. on Mon 6 Nov 2017 - 23:44


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
3. The healer does not make a diagnosis.

Healing is not a cure. The doctor - heals, treats a particular disease, often affirming the disease in the subconscious of the patient, and in the worst form. Healing is aimed at healing the whole body, and not one disease, which is a signal about the illness of the whole "I".
To make a diagnosis, you need to be a doctor according to official regulations, you need to have profound medical knowledge. But knowledge at a certain stage begins to harm. In Spiritual healing, the leading role belongs not to the mind and the Ego, but to reason and superconsciousness, not to man, but to God in us. Basic basic knowledge is necessary - our mind requires an approximate understanding of what is happening - but no more! The developed ego willingly gives guidance to God in the affairs of healing. But as soon as the mind begins to know too much, it awakens the desire and the need to realize this knowledge, to guide the process, to take the leadership on oneself. There is no sense in spiritual healing from this.
If you make a diagnosis - you will believe in it. Moreover, the patient will believe in it. Your subconscious at the hidden energy-information level will implant in the patient a belief in your diagnosis - and the disease will arise. On healing, we can not go now.
The healer must determine not the physiological disorders of the body, it is the doctor's concern. And the participation of a doctor is often necessary, modern ecology does not allow you to be physiologically healthy completely, and medication, and even surgical intervention is often necessary. The healer's task is not to dismiss the doctor's diagnosis, instill a phantom illusion and not to confirm it, confirming the inevitability of the disease in the patient's mind. The task of the healer is to find the cause of the disease in the mind and psychology of a person. And, by and large, it does not matter in what semantic fields the healer will work - psychological, karmic, bioenergetic (spoiling and evil eye). The main thing is that a person should come to healing and, after drawing conclusions, find the right way of behavior leading to healing.
Although from experience and observations I can say - without psychology can not do without understanding the principles of the work of the psyche and the development of consciousness to achieve the effect of healing is quite problematic. But if you do not possess the necessary knowledge, and the healing spiritual forces require realization, remember one of the parables of the Gospel, a parable that is the basis of healing:
"The apostles came to Christ and said:" There is a man, he is sick and we think that he is sick for his sins. " Christ answered: "No, he is sinless." And the apostles said: "then his parents are sinners and their sin in the diseases of this man." Christ answered: "His holy parents." And the apostles asked in perplexity: "Why is this man sick?" And Jesus answered:
"Why not, why?
Then, to be healed. "

Man comes to you not for illness, but for healing. In our psyche there are many parts, and awareness usually merges with one of them. In the patient, awareness is merged with the sick part. And the sick part may not be initially sick at first - but, having got into it, we chose the disease and can not see anything except the illness. And at some point we are bored to be sick, and we rush to the exit - we choose health, we choose healing.
The part that has chosen health is not sick now. And if awareness with full faith and impeccability identifies itself with it, then a person will begin the process of healing. It is this part that the healer must see, while the doctor must see the sick part. The healer must with all his might support the choice of being healthy. The healer must notice in man a new, not old. And then a small part of health, having started working in Reiki, will spread healing to the entire body and mind.
However, the client often believes that the healer must know his illness and this confidence builds much of the trust in the healer. Quite quickly, with active work in Reiki, you will develop extrasensory abilities, on the one hand, and a sense of clairvoyance in terms of diagnosis, on the other. And it will help you very much in your work, but you do not need to inform the client about the results of diagnostics.
First, you should consider the possibility of error on your part, because your perception may well be affected by your health, your personal problems, your interpretations of what you saw. Secondly, the patient must establish himself in the ability to be healed, and not in the ability to be sick. Therefore, it is necessary to dispense, if possible, with general phrases that generally confirm violations in the human body, but are not barriers to healing. In this healer, most likely, will scan quite deep levels of diseases and disorders. But the healer does not have to believe that the person is sick - there is already no illness, the person has already started on the path of healing. And when the disease disappears - only a matter of time. The healer must believe in the healing of a person, in his new state, the state that a person has chosen, turning to him - a state of healing.

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4 Re: Rules of Spiritual Healing. on Mon 6 Nov 2017 - 23:46


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
4. The healer does not care about the result.

This does not mean that the healer does not care what happens to a person. This means that the healer always knows for sure - turning for healing, a person must be healed. And the form, time, concrete realities of healing can be very different. Healer does not know them, and can not know. It heals, not he, but the activity in the person of Reiki. The Ego knows, God knows. A person can be healed under the hands of a healer, during a session. A person can be healed by suddenly finding a good doctor and the right treatment. A person will be healed, realizing what kind of lifestyle is required to lead. Healing will be required.
And it does not matter what the person turned to you. The healer should not pay attention to the somatic within himself, the sensations of a person, or rather, should not reflect on a person's complaints and try to fulfill his emotional request.
He has a headache, but one should heal the whole person. And if the healer wants to remove the pain of the head, then the healing will not happen. Most likely, Reiki will not act at all, and you will work at the level of bioenergetics. Take care not about removing the headache, but about the full health of the person. You can remove the pain, but it is very clear that this is only the beginning, and the result is healing.
Healing always goes in harmony with the processes of healing or cure that already exist in man.
Very often a person is already taking medications, and they have become part of his nutritional cycle with certain trace elements. Healer does not cancel medicines, but leads their consumption to the most necessary minimum level.
Often the disease has reached the level of irreversible physiological changes and surgery is required. The task of the healer is to prepare a person for the operation and help get out of it. After the healing process, the healer sometimes encounters a person who is mortally sick. And the task of the healer is to help to live the period that has been let out to the maximum possible health, concentrating awareness on the remaining healthy part of the "I".
As a rule, the process of healing is accompanied by a powerful and active cleansing of the body, which is not always perceived by a person as a healing process. Diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, runny nose and cough, pressure drops - all this is extremely unpleasant. The organism very quickly begins the process of binding negative information within itself to body fluids and tends to separate them from the body. And this unpleasant phase the healer should help to survive the person, to change his perception for the better.
Do not worry about the sore head, do not worry about the externally good result, about painless healing. If a person has heaped up a bunch of garbage for his life and this pile prevents you from going to your house, then you need to clear the garbage yourself. A healer is an assistant in this matter.

Sinko O.

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