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Invasion of spirits from the lower astral world.

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Invasion of spirits from the lower astral world.

Intrusion channels.
Mechanisms of introduction of other psychoenergetic structures, which are these effects, are very different. This takes into account the levels of development, levels of human consciousness, its ability to subordinate the chaos of its animal instincts to higher spiritual goals. It should be borne in mind that, more often than not, subtle entities have a multidimensional nature. The boundary between the fourth dimension and our three-dimensional world passes along the border of the Worlds. Passage into our dense world can be opened at any point of our space. Without going into the details of this theory, which is confirmed by the practice of centuries of observations, we note that the areas where such penetration is most likely are usually coincident with anomalous (geopathogenic) zones or in places of torsion currents of planetary energy.

Such places of fluxes of planetary energy are usually protected from inhabitants of low spheres; Apparently, this purpose is served by ancient and preserved to this day megalithic structures - stone circles, dolmens, menhirs, labyrinths. In addition, the areas of passage from the fourth dimension to our reality can pass through ethnic, religious, scientific, technical and other communities, not necessarily tied to their geographical location. The main thing, it should be the bearers of any religions, mystical traditions or any other methods united by one common idea. For example, hackers (hackers of computer networks), gamers (players in computer games), Esperanto lovers or sexual minorities.

As a rule, such communities consist of people, tuned to each other emotionally, that is, through astral channels. Usually, these people have similar thoughts and the same level of consciousness. Here, the Internet, television, radio, the media, etc., can be an instrument of cohesion. At the same time, people's moods on the archetypes of the lower worlds, that is, the lowest layers of the Subtle World, characterized by the vibrations of the lower chakras and the energy of power, violence, lust , hatred, etc. The potential victim, who is searched for by the inhabitants of the lower necrotic layers of the Subtle World, is determined by them.

As a means of finding such a victim, these entities use promises in our world of information and energy that activate low-lying desires, destructive, destructive behavior. Upon response to this effect, an object is selected, where an uninvited guest can be accommodated. The same impact can be carried out during sleep, and also with the help of television, the Internet, and radio. Impact can be directed not only on a separate individual, but on a group, for example, it may be the political elite of a country or a protesting electorate (opposition).

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
The introduction does not occur immediately, but in stages.
The script can be this:
1. Effects on the lower chakras, their activation. Basically this is Swadhisthana and Manipura. At the same time, the upper chakras and the heart center are blocked, that is, the connection of Anahata, the heart chakra, with the upper chakras is inhibited, which results in an increase in the selfness and self-centeredness of the person.
2. The person is inspired by low stereotypes, for example, "healthy competition", "restoration of historical justice", "national or religious intolerance", when the hands of terrorists and racists are untied, mercy is eliminated against the defeated.
3. Activation of the "weak spots" of a particular person (aspiration to power, cruelty, lackliness, lust, delusions of grandeur, persecution mania, etc.).
4. A program of blocking consciousness is being introduced. At the same time, the mind closes access to sources of knowledge that can destroy the barriers created and restore the system of true values.

After such preparation, contact with the other-world entity is possible, since communication channels are established, the frequency of vibration of the energy sector is the same and the connection with the Higher is cut off. Now you can influence a person through contact in a dream, in an altered state of consciousness and even in reality, being a victim in the image of a "light spirit", a spiritual teacher, an alien from the Cosmos, etc.

The introduction into the human psyche is facilitated not only by the paranormal activities described above, but also by the traditional media, through their employees. This allows using television, thriller films, advertising, computer games to create a dark information space that will facilitate the invasion from the lower layers of the Subtle World and deformation of the psyche of listeners and spectators. At the same time, media employees are aware of their actions only in a positive way, in their opinion, a plan: it is "ordinary business", it is "survival" in a highly competitive environment. And there, naturally, there is no place for moral norms.
Since the otherworldly reality is multidimensional, the introduction of the same entity can occur simultaneously in several people, thus, fan-like or tree-like structures are formed, when the fan arrives in parallel in several carriers, and in the tree-like mode, the transmission of the obsession from one person occurs to the next and further along the chain (the so-called cascade channeling).

This phenomenon can be observed when recruiting new members in totalitarian sects. A similar mechanism works in network marketing. Many of us, I remember, at the dawn of "perestroika" tried to draw into the so-called pyramidal marketing games, when the material incentives of the first members are carried out due to the contributions of newcomers. All such "pyramids" collapsed due to their initially adventurous and immoral nature, enriching the scoundrels and finally bankrupting the poor people who fell for the desire to easily enrich themselves.

With the fan's fan pop-up, the demon enters the psyche of several people at the same time, this requires only a resonance in the vibrations of the possessor and the potential victim, and it is known that a lot of people suffer from attachments to material values ​​and moral instability. As soon as the possessor penetrates into the energy system of such a person, he begins to manage there: deform the behavior of the victim, lower it to animal instincts, strengthen envy, hatred, pride.

Simultaneously positive human memories are blocked, false or deformed interpretations of the events of his past are thrown at the same time, and the person differently assesses his past and his behavior. Resonance increases, the effect increases and the further, the stronger, - a person becomes more and more obedient instrument of the observer. Now he's almost a zombie. Then, on the prepared soil, the observer gets almost completely.
People who own clairvoyance, and such become more and more, are able to see the process of penetration of an alien entity into all structures of the human subtle body: chakras, acupuncture channels, the nervous system and the brain. It becomes clear why the liberation of man is such a difficult, sometimes impossible task. Fanfamilies occur especially often at critical moments in history. Particularly effective is the population in the psyche of people, somehow related to zombification; then the resonance is amplified. Let's recall the mass madness of crowds during revolutions, natural disasters, wars, epidemics, etc.

With the cascading appearance of the settlement, the person already processed becomes a recruiter of new members and establishes deeper contacts with him. So, the way of subordination of parents through the so-called. treatment of a sick or weak child. Today, the options of magical (extrasensory) support of business, family well-being, success in love affairs, etc. are widely used also. etc.

Especially dangerous is our time, the extraordinary development of information and computer spheres. Do not forget that subtle material entities are not able to directly affect dense physical objects. An exception may be the cases of unstable equilibrium between the dense and thin bodies of a person, on the verge of when the slightest push can change a person's condition. So, a needle placed on the point vertically, for some negligible time, may be immobile, but an insignificant effort is necessary to change the situation; it is in such cases that the astral spirits can directly influence the material world.

In this case, despite the insignificance of the applied energy, the consequences can be grandiose. In physics, we know about the "butterfly effect" discovered by the American scientist Lorentz. It consists in that an impact with an energy of the order of the wings of a butterfly's wings can affect the state of a system with energy of several hydrogen bombs, for example, cause the formation of a destructive atmospheric cyclone vortex.
Therefore, if there are suitable conditions, then the impact of essences from the Subtle World on the natural processes and the fate of man can be enormous. But since waiting for suitable conditions usually takes a very long time, the spirits of darkness need mediators and carriers capable of being controlled. In previous epochs such mediators were animals, people-mediums whose psyche is uncontrollable, people weakened by extreme conditions of life, using narcotic compounds, etc.

Today, thanks to computerization, the sphere of influence from the Subtle World has immeasurably expanded. Of course, computers do not have vital energy, like living beings; but it is this energy that is necessary for the life of the living spirits. In the case of computers, energy suppliers are people who use their services: playing computer games, pornographic site visitors, highlighting especially low-vibration flows of subtle energies.

It has already been written repeatedly that there is a danger that complex computer networks can become uncontrollable and get out of human control. This is due to the fact that the more complex the system, the more elements in it and the smaller their physical dimensions, the stronger are the quantum effects that introduce unpredictability and spontaneity into the behavior of the system.

It is easy to imagine the power of the influence of such systems on the subtle bodies and the human psyche. The danger is huge and unpredictable by results. On computer systems and networks, there are also simpler schemes of attack from the Subtle World. To do this, you only need to work on the mentality of a talented hacker (the possibility of computer systems) and encourage him to create a computer virus that easily reprograms the network or system in any given direction. It is also possible to create viruses that dramatically increase the sensitivity of computers themselves to impacts from the Subtle World.
At the same time, with the recruitment of computer specialists, no problems are foreseen. Such people, as a rule, are brought up in the spirit of primitive materialism, do not believe in otherworldly forces, they are usually far from religion. Therefore, all their protective mechanisms are weakened. This is an easy prey for the possessors. If you add to this the love of virtual games, sex and such deviations, then it is easy to imagine that the channels for introduction into the human psyche are easily discoverable.

Nowadays, there are many "teachers", "gurus", singing out contact with the other world through a computer (cybershamanism). So the emergence of network shamanism, computer Satanism, and this is an additional threat to users of computer networks. After all, in the depths of such sects can be born and such menacing developments as the creation of new viruses with special programs that affect genetic engineering. Simply put, as a result of such developments, the emergence of demon-humanism is possible, as many spiritual teachers warned and anticipated by talented philosophers and writers.

Let's recall the "Rose of the World" by D. Andreev or creatures from "The Lord of the Rings" Tolkien. Humanity still has time to prevent such scenarios of historical development. But for this it is necessary to realize the existence of subtle material impacts on computer systems and to assess the dangers and useful aspects of this phenomenon.


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