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Modern scientific concepts of the physical nature of the main formations of the subtle body and biofields.

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Modern scientific concepts of the physical nature of the main formations of the subtle body and biofields.

Now it is difficult to determine the origin of acupuncture, one can say with certainty - its roots go back to antiquity.
Despite such an ancient history, the mechanisms of action of acupuncture still remain unclear in many ways. First, the physiological mechanisms and biophysics of processes in the acupuncture point have not been adequately studied. Secondly, it is very much unclear how the set of acupuncture points is organized and how they interact with the processes of physiological homeostasis. If the first problem lies in the field of physiology, biophysics and biochemistry, the second is connected with information processes and requires for its solution methods of cybernetics. It is important to emphasize that the study of information aspects of acupuncture is possible without detailed knowledge of its physical mechanisms. In this respect, the information level of description is analogous to the thermodynamic approach in physics, which arose and was successfully applied long before the atomic and molecular processes underlying it were studied and understood.
In order to correctly select combinations of points, optimal for the treatment of a disease, an extremely complex system of classification was developed in ancient China. It is based on the idea of ​​circulation in the body of a special kind of energy qi, passing through the system of special channels, on which the acupuncture points are located. According to these ideas, the points are some kind of valves that regulate the circulation of qi energy and its distribution in human organs. Accordingly, the disease is caused by either a lack of chi or its stasis in the appropriate organs.
At present, a large number of areas are known on the surface of the body, as well as inside, on which the internal organs of the human body are displayed. However, as a rule, in these cases there are already not strictly severely restricted points, but entire zones are associated with one or another organ of the body. An important feature is the direct correspondence of such an acupuncture zone to a specific organ, while the acupuncture point is usually associated with a whole complex of symptoms that are interrelated with a group of organs.
One of the most commonly used in the acupuncture of the projection zones is the auricle, on it there are up to 130 zones displaying almost all the internal organs of the human body.
If we compare the shape of the auricle with the human embryo in the early stages of development, then it is not difficult to see a striking similarity between them. In this case, the ear resembles an embryo turned upside down, which corresponds to the lobe, the back is a curl, and the abdominal cavity is a shell. The most surprising is that the location of the projection zones is also almost identical to the location of the embryo organs, repeating those characteristics that distinguish the young embryo from the newborn. So, for example, on the ear, the points corresponding to the mouth and esophagus are located in the shell, just above the opening of the external auditory canal, and the points of the upper and lower jaw are much lower on the earlobe. At the same time, approximately four weeks
the embryo of the pharyngeal gullet, which is the rudiment of the esophagus, is separated from the head part, where the rudiments of the jaw of the special pharyngeal membrane are located, which only undergoes a reverse development in the later stages.
In addition to ear from ancient times, there are several other projection zones widely used in acupuncture. First of all, these are the feet.
The location of the projection zones on the foot is also not chaotic, but repeats the location of the internal organs, although somewhat deformed, more like an embryonic one. In this case, the toes correspond to the region of the head, then the projections of the heart, liver, kidneys occur, further zones of the stomach, thick and small intestine are located. Even lower, near the heel, is the projection of the genital organs.
Similar projection zones are available on the surface of the palm, on the inner and outer surface of the nose, on the tongue, on the scalp. There is even a special kind of acupuncture - scalpotherapy. And in all these projection zones all the main internal organs are displayed, located approximately the same as in the body.
There is another well-known projection in the eastern and European medicine - the iris of the eye.
The connection between the iris and the body is extremely tight. If a pathological process occurs in the internal organ, a change in the pigmentation appears in the corresponding area of ​​the iris, and a stain may appear. The most interesting is that when the internal organs are deformed, the shape of the iris projection zone changes accordingly. Thus, according to Velhover, when the colon is lowered, its projection zone on the autonomous ring, located on the iris around the pupil, near the upper part approaches the pupil and, as it were, bends, repeating the change in the shape of the intestine. All this indicates the existence of very complex mechanisms that ensure the interaction of the projection zone and the organ.
The location of the projection zones on the iris is somewhat different from what was previously described. " Apparently, this difference is caused by the radial symmetry, which is characteristic of the iris of the eye. However, a detailed analysis shows that even here it is homologous to a human embryo, but viewed in another projection.
The projection areas of the iris resemble a flattened embryo in the position in which it is located in the uterus about the fourth to sixth week. The same lengths correspond to the relative volumes of various organs, represented by sectors of different areas. However, the shape of the projection zones is somewhat deformed in comparison with the embryo. First, in the central part corresponding to the abdominal cavity, there is a pupillary opening, which penetrates into the stomach. Secondly, the head and tail parts are somewhat flattened, and the abdominal and dorsal are stretched so that from the embryo having an oval silhouette, a circle has turned out. At the same time, some organs are slightly enlarged, others are reduced and slightly shifted, although their mutual arrangement generally corresponds to the embryonic one. The general impression is that this arrangement of organs reflects the human embryo that developed under the influence of some external forces that deformed the shape of its body.
Similar ugly creatures occur in humans and animals, when an embryo or a newborn baby is squeezed during its development. From antiquity to our days, many tribes used such compression or stretching to artificially change the shape of the body. Suffice it to recall the Chinese women, who from early childhood wore tight shoes to get a small foot.
If we analyze the degree of deformation of the projection zones located on different organs, then it will be stronger the greater the limitations imposed by the functional purpose of this organ. Indeed, the least deformed zones of the auricle, whose shape in humans does not play a special role. At the same time, in animals for which the acuity of hearing is an important condition for survival, the shape of the ear is optimal for catching very weak sounds and already very remotely resembles an embryo. Similarly, the shape of the projection zones of the foot surface is less deformed than in the palm of your hand, and the maximum deformation occurs in the projection zones of such rigidly specialized education as iris.
Thus, several questions arise at once. Firstly, why are projection zones associated with all internal organs scattered all over the human body? Secondly, why the relative location of the projection zones is analogous to the arrangement of organs in the human body, or rather in its embryo? And thirdly, why do projection zones correspond to a compressed and stretched embryo, what forces caused this deformation?
In fact, the first and second questions are reduced to the following. Why does the development of the human body on its surface generate areas that reflect internal organs, and approximately in the same spatial arrangement as the embryo? To answer this, let us try to raise an auxiliary question. And why in the embryo of a person each organ is pawned and develops in a strictly defined place? This question is not so simple as it seems at first sight. Here we are faced with a very complicated scientific problem - the problem of cell differentiation. As studies of recent years show, the formation and laying of the internal organs of the embryo are controlled by special types of cellular and tissue interactions. In this case, the body has a fairly wide reserves of self-regulation. When a particular organ is removed from the human embryo, it is formed anew from neighboring tissues. In other words, the stomach does not arise because its cells are pre-programmed to be cells of the stomach, but because it is located in a certain place of the embryo. Thus, it can be said that embryonic structures at a certain stages of development have the property of self-organization.

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Let's consider in more detail, what is this property of self-organization, and what information processes are involved in it. First, that in a certain place of the embryo the differentiation into cells of a definite organ began, the original cellular structures must "know" where they are. Until we dwell on which physical or chemical carrier transmits this information, since this issue has not yet been fully resolved. However, the very existence of such an information carrier is undoubted and is confirmed by numerous experiments.
If we consider the embryo as a whole, then the set of information signals forms a field, a kind of "drawing", which depicts the layout of the internal organs. It is important to emphasize that the elements of this drawing are not tied to specific cells. In this respect, the information field is most like a hologram, each fragment of which carries information about the entire image. An information field possessing similar properties, and should provide for the possibility of self-organization of embryonic tissues, determining the plan for the bookmarking and development of its internal organs. At the same time, the information field can not be brought from anywhere from outside, but must be induced by the entire set of cells that form the embryo.
Thus, a separate population of weakly differentiated cells of the embryo, interacting with each other, produces an information field that determines the plan for the development of internal organs. But, on the other hand, and in separate organs of the embryo, well isolated from other tissues, the information field of the whole embryo may appear, albeit weakened. In this case, the development of this body will be determined by the interference of these fields, which causes the projection of internal organs in this area. Of course, in order for all this to happen, the patterns of the generation of the information field by the cellular population must satisfy a number of conditions. First of all, it should be determined not by the prehistory of the development of the cells that make up the embryo, but by their mutual arrangement, the totality of topological features. Most of the facts speak about this.
At present, there are several mathematical models that describe intercellular interaction, which allows to form an integrated information field. In this case, the concentration of a special substance - "morphogen", as a rule, is considered as an information factor, and the information field is formed by the distribution of its concentrations in the tissues of the embryo, in accordance with which differentiation and laying of certain internal organs occurs. For example, M. Apter proposed the following model. If we denote the concentration of a morphogen by a number and consider a one-dimensional chain of cells, then the task of forming an information field will look like this. It is necessary to organize such intercellular interaction that a number of pieces, different in their properties (phenotypes) and in a certain way located in space relative to each other, are formed in the tissue. In this case, such a spatial configuration should not depend on the number of cells in the chain and be restored with their mixing.
The proposed algorithm is based on the fact that each cell remembers the value of the number transmitted to it, modifies it according to certain rules, and passes it to the neighboring cell along the chain. In this case, the information field arises from the reflection of the signal from the extreme cell and transfer it along the chain back. Thereby, interference of two signals passing along a chain of cells in opposite directions occurs, and as a consequence differentiation signals having the properties described above are formed. In this model, a special role is assigned to the boundary cells located on the surface of the embryo, which actually trigger the process of formation of the information field.
Of course, in this one-dimensional model, secondary information fields can not fail to arise. However, if we consider at least a two-dimensional population of cells, there is a similar possibility. In this case, the model will, of course, be much more complicated. In it, the cell must receive and receive signals from at least four neighboring cells and, in addition to its concentration, also respond to its gradient, however, the general principles of constructing the model will remain unchanged. As the results of our simulation show, a secondary information field will arise in regions isolated from the main cell population (different protrusions). And his influence is all the stronger, the greater the isolation. And the development will be determined, firstly, by the main information field, and secondly, by the additional information that has arisen in this area and repeats all the elements of the primary field.
Thus, a zone appears that duplicates (reflects) the internal organs of the embryo.
The development of the embryo begins with the accumulation of undifferentiated cells, which has an elliptical shape. Thanks to the intercellular interaction, a primary information field arises that determines the different fission rates in individual parts of the emo- rion model. For the convenience of modeling without loss of generality, an information field defining the shape of the embryo was chosen. However, the real shape of the embryo will be different from it. As soon as zone II is formed, a secondary information field appears in it, almost identical to the field of the entire embryo. This is due to the fact that the information field is formed due to the reflection of signals from the edges of the cell population (as described earlier) and depends on its original form, and since zone II is separated from the rest of the embryo's body, the necessary conditions arise.
Thus, the differentiation of cells in region II will be determined by the interference of the primary and secondary information fields. Accordingly, in zone II, differentiation zones will appear, equivalent to those located in the main body of the embryo. However, interference with the primary information field does not allow them to develop full-fledged organs. In this case, a display area similar to that found on the ear and other organs may appear.
Of course, real development is much more complicated than the model described above, if only because the embryo is formed in three dimensions. The question of the interaction of the main and secondary information fields is especially well-coordinated. Nevertheless, the proposed approach allows us to outline ways of real solution of the problem of the appearance of zones displaying internal organs, and even, in some cases, model their topology.

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
In addition to biochemical factors, electromagnetic fields may also participate in the formation of the body's information field.
Based on the electromagnetic nature of the information field, it is even easier to explain the appearance of secondary information fields and their interference with the ground.
The hypothesis about the information field allows us to understand the processes of formation of the system of projection zones, but it remains unclear what kind of information is transferred from the acupuncture point or the zone to the diseased organ and what explains its curative effect. In order to try to answer this question, we will have to dwell on the thermodynamic aspects of biological processes.
The question of what distinguishes the living from the inanimate, has long been concerned about humanity. In ancient times, to explain this difference, they resorted to the idea of ​​a special life force or energy called prana, chi, entelochia. And only nowadays the development of the thermodynamics of nonequilibrium systems and cybernetics has made it possible to approach the solution of this problem. One of the founders of the thermodynamic approach to the study of living systems is the Russian scientist ES Bauer. In his works it was shown that the organism is a nonequilibrium system, which can exist only in conditions of constant interaction with the environment.
To remain alive, the body must constantly extract "orderliness" from the environment to compensate for the increase in entropy that accompanies almost all the processes occurring in it. At the same time, "orderliness" or negentropy is the main principle that is extracted from food and air. The widespread belief that we eat energy is deeply mistaken, as the energy content in the adult organism is just as constant as the substance content. This is very well said in the book of the famous physicist E. Schrödinger "What is life": "... the means by which the body keeps itself constantly at a sufficiently high level of order (and at a sufficiently low level of entropy) actually consists of a continuous the extraction of order from its environment ... ".
Of course, the main source of negentropy for animals is food, but they all ultimately transmit negentropy sent to the earth in sunlight. Nevertheless, it is impossible to exclude the possibility of direct extraction by animals of negentropy from various types of electromagnetic radiation coming to earth from space. Indeed, recent studies show that there are quite a few biochemical processes that are extremely sensitive to ultraweak electromagnetic fields that shift thermodynamic equilibrium in one direction or another. In this case, there is a direct transfer of entropy or negentropy to the biochemical system through the electromagnetic field. And here the main role is played by the information characteristics of the field. From this point of view, the electromagnetic quanta in the experiments of Kaznacheyev were transferred from one culture of cells to another precisely negentropy affected by the pathogenic factor. This caused an increase in its own entropy and subsequent death. The specificity of the symptoms of cell damage to "detectors" can be explained by the fact that negentropy is given precisely to those cellular structures that correspond to those affected in the treated tissue.
Proceeding from the nonequilibrium thermodynamics developed in the works of the Nobel Prize winner I. Prigogine, it is possible to consider various physical channels that ensure the flow of negentropy to a living organism. It is possible that one of such channels is the system of acupuncture points and projection zones that provide direct entry of negentropy into the relevant organs. In other words, the correct stimulation of the acupuncture point causes an increase in order (decrease in entropy) in the diseased organ, which leads to recovery. From this point of view, the therapeutic effect of acupuncture depends not only on the stimulation of the point, but also on the information characteristics of the stimulating factor. So, for example, various technical devices are now being proposed, replacing traditional sagebrush cigarettes used for thermal impact on the acupuncture point. However, the combustion of wormwood in a cigarette leads to the release of negentropy (which is determined both by the chemical composition and the structural organization of its leaves). Therefore, a device that produces thermal radiation of approximately the same intensity and spectral composition as wormwood will no longer provide the same therapeutic effect.
Using the hypothesis of the role of biological fields in acupuncture, interesting experiments can be proposed that can simultaneously be used for therapeutic purposes. As stated earlier, it is possible that acupuncture points and projection zones are peculiar "windows" through which information biological fields enter and are emitted. Hence it can be assumed that by combining different points of one person or acupuncture points of two different people (inductor and percipient) in an appropriate way, one can change the level of organization (entropy) either in separate organs or in the whole organism. In addition, with such a connection, there may be quite strong sensations in the zone of the point associated with a change in its structural organization. Accordingly, such effects will be stronger the higher the difference in the levels of organization (entropy) of the points being connected. Depending on the type of physical carrier that forms the information biofield, the way to create the most effective contact will also change. So, if the carrier is ultraviolet radiation, the most effective will be the connection of points through a lightguide transparent in the corresponding region. If the biofield is caused by electromagnetic fields in the radio frequency range, then one of the types of connection is possible. In this case, contact is made through an air condenser formed by two conductive plates, fixed on the needles inserted into the acupuncture point. In the case when the biofield is in the appropriate frequency range, more favorable conditions for radiation are created for the right-hand point.
Another method of stimulation of acupuncture points developed by us can be used in experiments with biofields. This technique is based on the use of a special stimulator acting with high-voltage pulses of complex shape, containing a wide spectrum of frequencies (from 0.1 Hz to 3 MHz). Due to high voltage (3 thousand volts), contact is made through the capacitance between the body of the device and the body of the patient, while the stimulation currents do not exceed 100 μA. Stimulation is carried out as follows: the inductor holding the device in its hand connects its electrode to the patient's body, and the finger of the other hand effects the acupuncture point. In this case, direct contact of the inductor finger with the patient's body, contact through a thin dielectric plate and stimulation with a finger located at a distance of 3-6 mm from the body is possible. In the first case, the stimulation currents pass through the patient's body from the electrode to the place of contact with the inductor finger, then through the finger and body of the inductor and through the container between the inductor arm and the body of the device. In the second and third cases, stimulation is carried out through the capacitance between the inductor finger and the patient's body, and due to the high voltage, a corona discharge occurs on the finger.
In the implementation of this technique, the stimulation of the point is carried out, firstly, by the currents generated by the device; secondly, it is possible to exert influence by biological fields, greatly increasing at the place of contact between the patient's body and the inductor's finger due to electrical stimulation. Using this method of stimulation, you can try to teach the inductor to control the intensity of your own biofield and then exercise without additional electrical stimulation.
When you become acquainted with the above-described experimental statements, the question naturally arises, and why can not the biofield be directly registered with the help of sensitive measuring instruments? The point is that the intensity of the biofields is extremely small in comparison with the existing background radiation. Their main difference from the background is the information encoding, which, unfortunately, is not yet known to us. And recording devices react specifically to the intensity of electromagnetic radiation, and with their help one can not answer the question whether we saw the information biofield or just background accompanying the biological processes.
Thus, the study of the system of acupuncture points opens up new approaches to the study of the nature of biological fields, gives additional arguments to the substantiation of the existence of specific bio-field interactions. The use of modern concepts of order and chaos, mechanisms of self-organization allows us to give a scientific interpretation of the mechanisms of bio-field interaction and to approach them in a new way.

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