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From the history of predictions.

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1 From the history of predictions. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 18:57


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
From the history of predictions.

In our time, interest in paranormal phenomena is more common than ever. Numerous horoscopes are printed on the pages of newspapers and magazines, predictions of known clairvoyants are published for future years on a world scale, television often devotes to transmissions to occult and esoteric sciences.
  The influence of clairvoyance and divination in all areas of daily life is undeniable. Quite a lot of people of the most diverse social groups turn to such clairvoyance masters to solve their material problems, heart problems or to clarify the diagnosis of their health. Many psychiatrists began to take into account paranormal phenomena and to be guided by them in certain cases. According to statistics, only in France, about 10 million people use magical services annually. Clairvoyants, parapsychologists, astrologers have their associations, clubs, societies, arrange public speeches and lectures, where they demonstrate their abilities and capabilities. In Paris, clairvoyance festivals are held, on which the best master is selected, and the Festival Cup is given to him. The first such festival was held on the initiative of the famous magician Joseph Desyuar, the author of 64 rules of the Deontological Code of magicians.
  In England (since 1882) and the United States (since 1884) there is a "Society for Psychical Research". It unites famous scientists who study the occult sciences. Members of the society conduct numerous experiments, investigate and analyze the possibilities of telepathy and clairvoyance and collect materials proving the presence of paranormal phenomena. Under the guidance of the scientist-psychologist U. McDougal, a laboratory was created for conducting paranormal research. Since that time various associations studying so-called applications have appeared in different countries and on different continents. The slogan of such organizations in the US: "Think abnormally. Think about the impossible. Because the abnormality and impossibility - tomorrow's reliability and reality. Tomorrow morning! "
  Let us turn to historical evidence of the most well-known predictions and predictors. For millennia, there were people who have amazing and extraordinary abilities. History knows many examples of prophetic predictions. The prophets (shamans, priests, wizards, magi) were believed by kings and generals. In Russia, the holy fools were considered predictors who had a "gift from God" to see the coming events. The Bible speaks of numerous saints who were able to predict future events with great accuracy. In the same place are mentioned sorcerers and "sorceresses", to whom they sought advice and help.

Appeal to fortune-tellers (clairvoyants, astrologers, alchemists) was very popular and widespread in all areas of society. At the royal courts, the predictors enjoyed great honor and accumulated great wealth. They were approached for advice on political activities, they were consulted about military campaigns, with their help they identified intruders and rivals to the throne. At the Roman Emperor Augustus, the first adviser in the suite was the astrologer and clairvoyant Thiogen, next to Emperor Tiberius (Augustus' stepson), Trail. For a long time the priests kept their monopoly on the predictions.
  The famous "Centuries" of Nostradamus are infiltrated by clairvoyance (Michel Nostradamus was the physician-physician and astrologer of King Charles IX). This work, written in rhymed quatrains - quatrains, the first publisher of which falls on 1555, contains a prediction of the upcoming events of European history.
  A.S. Pushkin in "The Song of the Wise Oleg" uses the ancient description in the "Tale of Bygone Years" of the life of Prince Oleg. This prediction, perhaps, is known to all: "In the year 6420 (912) Oleg lived, the prince in Kiev. And Oleg remembered his horse, whom he had once set to feed, having decided never to sit down. For once he asked the magi and magicians: "From what do I die?". And one of the magicians said to him: "Prince, from the horse of your beloved, on which you go - from him you and die!". They stammered these words in Oleg's soul, and he said: "I will never sit on him and see him no more." For the fifth year he remembered his horse, from which the wise men once predicted his death. And he called to the elders of the grooms and said: "Where is my horse, whom I ordered to feed and cherish?" The same one answered: "He died." Oleg laughed and reproached the sorcerer, saying: "The magi do not speak the right, but all that is a lie; the horse is dead, but I'm alive. " And he ordered to mount his horse: "I'll see his bones." And he came to the place where his bare bones and his skull were naked, got off his horse, laughed and said: "Is it possible for me to accept death from this skull?" And he stepped on the skull with his foot, and the snake crawled out of the skull and bit him in the leg. And from that he ached and died. "

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2 Re: From the history of predictions. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 19:22


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
No less famous is the prophecy of St. Basil the Blessed. When the Blessed One was dying, Tsar Ivan the Terrible, together with his two sons and daughter Anastasia, came to say goodbye to him. He asked Blessed to pray for his children. And so, on his deathbed, Blessed turned to the youngest son of the Tsar, Fyodor, predicting that he, rather than the eldest son of the Tsar, would have to be on the throne. So it happened, although at that time there was nothing foretelling a suicide.
  Predictive methods in connection with book printing became especially popular and spread. Since that time many treatises on divination, foresight, magic, astrology have appeared.
  In the 17th century, the attitude toward the occult sciences began to change for the worse. In 1666 in France Jean-Baptiste Colbert (Minister of Finance of France) expelled all astrologers from universities. The "hunt for witches" began. By a decree of 1682, fortunetellers and mages were outlawed. However, this did not reduce the number of consultants on occult matters, magic and clairvoyance went underground, and in connection with the repression many innocent people were accused, accused of false denunciations. Since the XVIII century, fortune-telling techniques have become secret professions with certain rates depending on the place of residence and the nobility of the client. Since the XIX century the famous era of spiritualism begins. Mediums, soothsayers, clairvoyants go from underground to beautifully furnished classrooms and make publicity. Visiting the fortune-telling salons and inviting the forecaster for the evening was fashionable and prestigious for the guests. The services of clairvoyants began to be used by the supreme secular society. To King Nicholas II, a Lyonsky physician-clairvoyant was summoned to Russia for consultation, who predicted to the queen that she would have a son.
  The last known mage-clairvoyant, the adviser of the king, was Grigory Rasputin (1872-1916). While still a peasant from the Tobolsk village, he gained fame as a soothsayer and healer. He was summoned to the court to provide therapeutic help to a hemophilic patient to the heir to the throne, Tsarevich Alexei. Rasputin was killed by conspirators who considered his influence at court as disastrous for the monarchy. On the day before his murder, Rasputin gave Nicholas II a prophetic message: "I feel that I will leave this life until January 1. I want to tell the people of Russia, the Father, the Mother, and the children of Russia what they need to know: if I am killed by my brothers - Russian peasants, then you have nothing to fear, you will remain on your throne and your children will reign over Russia for centuries. But if I am killed by the boyars, their hands will continue to get dirty with blood. They will leave Russia ... The Tsar of Russia, if you hear a bell ringing to inform you that Grigory is killed, know this: if your relatives caused my death, then none of your children, none of your relatives will live more than two years. They will be killed by the Russian people. "
Rasputin foretold the tsar a disastrous "seventh" number: "Watch out for the seventh, Father. Where there is a figure of seven, there will be sorrow. " Madame Frey, a famous clairvoyant of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, who was extremely popular in Parisian salons and had connections with prominent politicians, predicted to Prince Yusupov that he would kill Rasputin, even before he took this decision.
  "You will kill someone with your own hands and you will think that you are doing a good deed."
  An interesting example of the prediction, which was received by one of the closest associates of VI. Lenin - N.I. Bukharin. In the summer of 1918, in the affairs of the Brest Peace, Bukharin went to Berlin. Someone told him about the clairvoyant living on the outskirts of the city. Bukharin decided to visit her and went to her with his friend, a revolutionary. The woman predicted to him that he would be executed in his country. Bukharin repeated: "Do you think that the Soviet government will fall?" "Under what authority you perish, I can not say, but it is necessary in Russia." In 20 years, this prophecy has come true.
  Officially recognized was the clairvoyant and telepathist Wolf Messing. In 1937, he predicted death to Hitler, if he went to the East, and for this came under the supervision of the Gestapo. When Messinga was arrested, he forced all the police stations together with the commander to force himself into a trap, locked them in a trap and safely released. After that, he emigrated to the USSR. Messing's abilities were checked by I.V. Stalin and L.P. Beria. For example, it was attested that he received 100,000 rubles from the State Bank on a clean bill, otherwise he left a carefully guarded building without a special pass. Messing could accurately predict the future, predetermine the fate of a person from photography, read other people's thoughts at a considerable distance. Throughout his life, he was engaged in the propagation of unusual human abilities, helping scientists to explore the mysterious phenomena of the human psyche.
  As can be seen from the above examples, the testimonies of prophecies and predictions are scattered through the pages of history. Today, you can also meet clairvoyants, but not all of them are actually so. Unfortunately, magical abilities and everything associated with them has become a means of making money for many charlatans. People pay money for predictions that will never come true, and are afraid to admit to themselves that they are simply being fooled. And yet a person believes in what he wants to believe. And if you do not trust the predictions of clairvoyants, try yourself to become clairvoyant. Clairvoyance is a gift from God, but this ability can be transmitted not only by inheritance or inherent in a person at birth, but also developed on the condition of regular training and work with your own subconscious.

Tatyana Radchenko.

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