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Development of vision.

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1 Development of vision. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 23:02


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Development of vision.

 Vision is, perhaps, one of the main functions of a magician, who is given the most attention. Vision is directly related to clairvoyance. Before you start working on the vision of energy, you need, of course, physically to relieve the eyes. To do this, eat more products that strengthen your eyesight: carrots, blueberries, fresh herbs, oranges, pumpkin ... Make a complex of relaxing and strengthening eyes training. For example, periodically close your eyes with your hands, especially after hard work, when you read a lot or sat in front of the screen computer. Energy emanating from the hands, will calm and improve them, cleanse from unnecessary energies, strengthen muscles, help to relax. More often look at the green plants, in the distance, on the blue sky -on all natural objects. I and my friends noticed that on the nature vision is improving. Moreover, for example, in the forest, eye energy channels are also cleaned with energy from plants. And now a few exercises to enhance the sensitivity and productivity of our eyes.

Exercise 1. I notice everything around.

In your daily life, try to pay attention to all the small details of the surrounding space, which previously did not notice. Pay attention to the color and shape of objects. On everything that moves. Consider everything you can consider without changing the angle of the pupil (sharpen also the peripheral vision to the limit). Do not forget to do a relaxing exercise (for a minute or two close your eyes with your hands, imagining how the healing heat pours from them). Walking along the street, also try to notice all the small details: what people are wearing, what they look like, what they are expressing,tion of persons. In addition, this exercise can be performed even when you relax in front of the screen. While watching a movie or a program, pay attention not only to what the operator shows you close-up, but also to notice all the details of the film. Consider the background, details of the clothes of the heroes, inscriptions. So you will notice many ridiculous mistakes and at the same time train your visual channel. Often in museums we hear "Touch the exhibits with your eyes only!". For the magician and this more than enough. From the eyes of people comes energy, like two straight rays. Someone's rays are thin and long, some are short, but the radiation is absolutely in all people. Extrasensory suggests the development of all channels of perception, and especially the eye. Our eyes are truly an amazing thing, and they are not limited only to physical characteristics. We will use our "third eye" to the fullest, because it is the sight of the soul itself, and it is no less real than physical, because it reflects the true picture if it is used correctly. The next exercise will increase the flow of your eye rays.

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2 Re: Development of vision. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 23:12


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Exercise 2. I touch my eyes.

Choose any object at such a distance from you so that you can, without straining, examine all its details. Carefully inspecting the object, feel its surface, temperature, weight, that is all that you would feel with your hands and other senses. Then take it in your hands and check their feelings. As the training progresses, choose more and more distant and hard-to-reach items. Even if you see only the vague outlines of an object, hardly imagining what it is (at a great distance), "touch it with your eyes. Try to feel it, feel it, make a presentation about it. Come closer and check your guesswork.
With experience, you learn to touch not only those items that are in your field of vision, but those that are depicted in the photo, picture or video, even the moon and distant stars ... What does the expression "touch the star or the planet" mean? Each plant is associated with a particular cosmic body. Flora on the planet is very much, as well as planets with stars. And if you enter into energy contact with the plant, you will see a thin thread coming from it upwards, to the stars. Mentally joining this thread, you literally slip into space and very quickly reach that star or planet (or other cosmic body) with which this plant is associated. In classical magic, those representatives of the flora, which are most often used in rituals, were classified into groups according to the planets of the solar system. In fact, each plant has its own "reflector of cosmic energies", a kind of filter that helps it to obtain the necessary energy from space. The fact that the plant is here, next to us, and the star - for many billions of kilometers in space - does not mean anything.
Quantum physics, for example, proved the existence of some inexplicable connection between very distant objects. In this connection, when one of these objects changes, the other one also simultaneously converts, no matter how far they are located. Therefore, they say that everything in nature is interconnected, everything is interwoven with invisible, but strong threads of unity.
We moved a little from the topic of physical vision, but, in my opinion, such a digression was useful. So, we continue to strengthen and develop our vision.

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3 Re: Development of vision. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 23:20


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Exercise 3. Imaginary vision.

To begin with, you choose the real thing. Carefully examine it, then close your eyes and try to restore its image in the imagination. Exercise until your inner vision looks like a slide show. To speed up the learning process, you can additionally perform
any exercises for training visual memory. When we close our eyes, many see different color spots, moving dots and so on. But it is possible to develop our vision so that these spots and points turn into clear figures and moved like on a TV screen. And it is quite possible to adjust the vision so that to see on this "screen" events that occur many kilometers from you or several centuries before or after.
First, the image will be a "photonegative" (that is, a black and white image where the colors have been changed), but with clarity experience.

Exercise 4. Customizing the internal physical screen.

This exercise is well done before bedtime. Close your eyes, relax. Notice which shapes or colors appear before your eyes precisely on the physical plane, and not in the imagination. Start concentrating on certain pictures. Consider them until they become different. Mentally try to control the vision: make the colors brighter (just ordering them to become so), try to move the stains or manage them. Each time you will get better and better.
There will come a time when your inner vision (imagination) will give clear imprints on the retina of the eye, just as the light of a lamp is imprinted in the mind when you look at it. For those who do not appear before their eyes, there is the following exercise.

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4 Re: Development of vision. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 23:30


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Exercise 4.1. Discovery of the second vision.

In childhood, many people liked to press their fists into their eyes or rub them to see colored dots and spots. Over time, the spots stop appearing before the eyes and this indicates a decrease in the activity of the eye receptors, which are responsible, in particular, for the ability to see the aura and subtle energies. In order to re-energize these receptors, you must also press on your eyes, rub them (of course, carefully, follow the ghost sensations - it should be nice, remember the childhood). Also helps in working with receptors is simple peering into the dark, especially when the eyes are closed (light in the room must, of course, be turned off). Gradually the eyes
understand that they are required to activate all their opportunities, laid by nature, and this will happen. After the appearance of colored circles, shapes, moving dots and colors, this will mean that you have prepared your internal "TV" for receiving information. Now you need to practice moving visions external or imaginary to this internal receiver.

Exercise 5. Imprint of the vision.

For this exercise you will need a developed imagination. Those who have not yet managed to develop it sufficiently can do the simplest version of the exercise.

A simple option.

Imagine any dark object on a light background. For example, a circle. Try to imagine it brightly and instantly, like a flash. If done correctly, a circle will appear before your eyes, as if you were looking at it with your usual eyesight and then closed your eyes. It is necessary to achieve the same effect by creating a picture in the imagination.
Difficult variant.

Brightly imagine any scene from the life of people (you can take a shot from the movie). Again, we represent brightly and simultaneously, like a flash. This is at first, then prints will appear from a long "viewing" of imaginary pictures, and the process itself will go into a quiet mode of viewing moving clear frames, with only a few modified colors.

Elina Boltenko.

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