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Khortytsya Island - sanctuary of ancient gods and ancient burials of ancestors (photo).

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Khortytsya Island - sanctuary of ancient gods and ancient burials of ancestors (photo).

"For Daszbo has created an egg for us, which is the light-star that shines on us.  And in that abyss, Dazhbo our land was hanged, so that this was held back.  So the souls of ancestors are the essence.  And they shine with us stars from Ira ... These were our fathers, and we should not be different.  The Greeks wanted us to be baptized, so that we forgot our Gods and so turned to their faith and began to serve them.  Let's watch how shepherds protect their flock and do not allow wolves to prey on lambs, which are children of the Surya-Sun. "  (From Veles book)

Our ancestors considered themselves to be descendants of the Sun, which created them and which gives life to everything on earth.  The cult of worship of the sun is known in our lands thousands of years ago.  The oldest temples, sanctuaries and observatories were found all over Ukraine.  It is not enough to say that they are in Khortytsia.  The island is literally sown with ancient religious buildings.

Khortytsya is one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.
This piece of land in the middle of the Dnieper waters has long been chosen by our ancestors.  They prayed here and sacrificed to the gods for millennia.  From the most ancient times the island of Khortytsia was considered sacred.  Strong energy of this territory has always been tangible for people.  It was no different than the place of the Force considered by those who built here numerous sanctuaries, mound complexes, temples.  Khortytsya is an ancient spiritual center, which united different epochs, peoples and cultures.

The age of stone sanctuaries found on this island is 4 thousand years old.  The same Khortytsia is much older - she is more than 30 thousand years old.  Three natural zones: oak forests, floodplain meadows, grassland-fawn steppes, encountering here, form a unique picture of the Ukrainian landscape.  The ancient steppe with the relict species of plants that has been growing throughout Ukraine has long been preserved here.  30-meter cliffs in the northern part of the island of Khortytsia - probably one of the most ancient inhabitants of the earth.  The age of these granites and gneisses is more than 2 million years old.  Caves, grottoes, rocks and boulders - the ancient stone kingdom that rises above the Dnieper - as a symbol of eternity, the infinity of the mystery of life on earth.

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
"Stone Circles" and "The Zorova of Grave".

Throughout the history of Ukrainian archeology, stone sanctuary was found on the island. The spiritual, religious purpose of these designs was obvious. Relationship with God, the worship of the supreme powers, energies, pagan deities, cults and ordinances - everything was here. At different times - the Bronze Age or the Age of the Anenolite, the Scythian period or the era of Russia - people came here with a special purpose to feel the connection with the sky, to connect with the highest power, in a state of supreme spiritual uplift. It has been for millenniums.

It is known that our ancestors buried their dead in the mounds. For these graves, beautiful places with landscapes were chosen to native nature, and also they were located mainly in groups. They say that in the nineteenth century there were 129 ancient burial mounds on the island. To date, not all have survived. A group of burial mounds of Khortytsia located along the road passing along the crest of the island - is a complex already recreated. This territory is called "Grave Grave" or "Scythian State". The Khortytsia mounds are buried in the Bronze Age and during the Scythian times. Most of the stone religious buildings are in the northern part of the island.

Complex of the Cromelians of the Age of the Eenolet.
Cromlech, or Stone Circle - is a type of ancient structure, consisting of stones set vertically. (For example, there is Stonehenge, but some of the sanctuaries of the Ukrainian Corps are older than him). The unique monument of archeology, found on the island of Khortytsia, includes 12 cromeliches and 6 stone bookmarks. They date from V-IV millennium BC is.

Circle - a relative outline of the form of sanctuaries of this type. They were more likely to be eggs. It is the egg that is known to honor our ancestors as a very powerful sacred symbol. He meant the continuation of the genus, the birth of life, the revival of the new. Khortytsia Cultures are 12 circles in a schematic sequence that resembles a maze. Their destination has not been studied to the end. Perhaps it was a kind of observatory to capture the position of the Sun or the Moon. Or the temple in the open air, symbolizing the infinity of the revival of life. But the most likely version, to which most archaeologists bow, is that the ancient cemetery was found. After all, the skeletons were not preserved, only some fragments that were dissolved in sandy soils.

Sanctuary - Observatory.
Objects of astronomical destination on the island of Khortytsia found a long time ago. Unfortunately, some of them have been lost forever. But there are those that give us the opportunity to look into the depths of the millennia and see how the ancestors watched the celestial bodies and what significance this knowledge provided.

The largest complex of the observatory sanctuary is located at the height of Bragarnia. Hidden now from the eye of a modern man under the thick of sand, he was created in the end of the third millennium BC. The sanctuary is associated with astral-solar cults and fertility cults. The shape is two circles, the so-called male (less) and female (more) yards. And, according to different versions of the researchers, they were compared to the Sun, Milky Way and the Moon. Marked points of the east and sunset, the days of summer and winter solstice, and then - displaying it on a peculiar calendar.

The placement of stones, anthropomorphic steles and found things give an idea of ​​the process of making sacred rituals. In a special hole, put the receptacles-smokers; used for the hardness of green and violet. The design of the sanctuary corresponds to the views of the ancestors about the responsibility of their gods for those or other aspects of the world, that is, for the corresponding parts of the annual circle. Surprisingly, despite the change of culture, worldview and religion, the sanctuary of Bragarne was used continuously for thousands of years.

Author Nadezhda Ponyatichyn
Source: vsviti.com.ua

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum

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 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum

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 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum

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 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum

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