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20 shocking customs and traditions of ancient Ukraine.

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
20 shocking customs and traditions of ancient Ukraine.

Premarital sex, dancing with dead, magic potions. These are the traditions of Ukrainians, which not everyone knows. Our devout people performed such rituals in places that it is hard not to be surprised.

The girls were told by the boys.
By the 17th century, Ukrainian girls could be the first to declare themselves to boys. The "wild" tradition was mentioned by the French engineer and cartographer Guillaume Levasser de Boplan in his "Description of Ukraine".

The girl came home to a guy who was in love, and with all his family offered to marry. Denied the girl - was considered a bad sign. So the guys were forced to say goodbye to a happy bachelor's life.

Between hugs and sex.
On the evening parties there was a tradition that allowed young people to communicate "closer."
Single boys and girls gathered at the evening party (mostly at the widow's house, which was supposed to look after them). Here they ate, drank, played games, and then engaged in "shelters".

The formed couples went to bed together and engaged in "sex in half," that is, so as to preserve the virgin virginity. However, this did not always work, often the girls were pregnant and did not even understand how this happened. There is evidence that 45.6% of girls who went to the evening party lost their virginity before marriage.

Allowed night on Kupala.
Ivan Kupala - a holiday of unity of man with nature. And, as they say, naturally - it's not ashamed, so on this day, boys and girls allowed themselves unproductive, but so natural.

The girls wore wreaths and threw them into water or fire if the guy got a wreath - the girl was forced to kiss him. In addition, the whole evening the girl had to spend with a guy in a pair. And little thing could have happened between young people in the middle of the night in the woods while looking for the fern flower without the supervision of harsh adults ...

Kupala is celebrating in Ukraine now: with wreaths, singing and naked dancing around the fire.

A glass of virginity.
The Old-World Hutsul tradition, which broke the life of a young woman, describes the writer Maria Matios.

The next day after the first marriage night, in the presence of all the guests, the young man gave a toast-thank-you to the young father's father. My father approached the table, behind which the young people were sitting. Young with his right hand took a wooden cup, closing the bottom with his index finger, spoke a toast "I drink to you, tattoo" and drank, without releasing his finger from the bottom.

After that, the alcohol was poured on for the bride's father. If the bride was chaste - the glass was without a hole at the bottom. If the beauty of the bride was violated before the wedding - the groom gave his father a glass with a hole and his father was drinking with all guests.

The bridegroom at the first marriage night helped friendship
The first wedding night of the newlyweds was an amusement for all guests. While the couple first had sex, the guests were standing at the door and singing shameful songs. At the time, the newlyweds had no more than half an hour.

Of course, not all men adjust this to the right order. So, if the groom could not cope - he came to the aid of senior friendship. With what often it was a close relative of the groom, and in some cases, the father of the bridegroom helped. If they did not take it, the bride of the virgins was deprived of pile ... fingers!

The value of the show.
A sheet or blood shirt after the first sexual intercourse of the bride was taken for an overview. If the bride was already "started", she got the stigma for life.

Woman and blood.
The menstrual blood was considered unclean by the Ukrainians. In these days, women were supposed to sit at home. They could neither manage nor accept a childbirth, nor even a funeral.
Because the clothes were not worn, the blood simply flowed on its legs and contaminated the shirt.

An unclean thing was blood born during the birth of a child. A woman after childbirth 40 days did not go out to people.

Phacha - channel in the other world.
Blood during menstruation was considered dangerous for men. The vagina, from which the blood flows, was considered a canal in the other world, which can tighten itself and bite.

To charm a man with blood.
Despite the fact that our ancestors believed the blood during the menstruation is dirty - it was used for fun! It was believed that if you blend the blood of a man to drink, then you could have been charming him for life.

A chest in the blood.
Hunting in the mountains was always different from hunting in another locality. Residents of the mountains have long enjoyed respect for the beast. Some strange customs hunters still adhere to.

When the animal is killed, the hunter is baptized, removes the cap and knees before her.

If hunting occurs in the oak forest, the oak twig obmaschuyut blood of dead animals and inserted into the hat hunter.

Gate on the roof.
Andriy boys have the right to do damage without punishment. Earlier, the guys at the huts of girls tore the way with thread, set up a scarecrow. And most often (the tradition has been preserved until now), they shot the gates and buried them near, for example thrown on the roof.

An egg that will find a treasure.
On Easter, Ukrainians tried not to sleep. It was believed who will sleep this night - the whole year will be sleepy.

So while they were not sleeping, they were having fun as they could. Our ancestors believed that on Easter the red egg would help to find ... treasure! It was believed that the egg, heating in the hand, indicates the hidden treasure. However, this rite was called dangerous.

Homelike, raised under the armpit.
The life of Hutsuls has always been associated with faith in spirits, beyond their power, witches, and the like. But the representatives of this mountain ethnic group not only believed and protected themselves from the mysterious forces, but themselves raised them!

Hutsuls believed that the egg, a footprint from a black chicken, could be presented with a gazebo (housewife). They wore such an egg under the arm for 9 days. This household devil was called "hid", "antipk," "a servant."

Circle of unclean power.
In Zakarpattya on Yuri collect magic potions. In the evening, each potion needs to be hit with a stick, so that the witches do not hurt it.

Sleeping was laying just in the bowl. At that, it is impossible to incinerate the hearths, but around it it is necessary to circle the circle in order to protect itself from unclean forces. And in the morning the grass begins to gather and in front of everyone they say: "I take the potion of the unknown, so that I would be happy." Going home with herbs, avoid all kinds of meetings.

"Sealed" embroidery.
Embroidery is an identity of Ukrainians. She was worn on weekdays and holidays. But just as our ancestors were superstitious, the embroidered "sealed" from evil spirits. To do this, embroidery violated symmetry. Our ancestors believed that they could help.

Eat from one plate.
There was a tradition for the feast of the evening, when all members of the family ate dishes from one plate. In some families, this tradition has survived.

Ax and fear.
At Christmas Eve, and sometimes on New Year's Eve, the owner hurts the trees. To do this, he took an ax and swung it onto a tree that gave birth badly. But he did not cut him, but only scared him. One of the family members had to stand up for a tree and tie it with a straw pearl.

In some regions trees were shaken and rubbed with dough. It should help yield.

Sino on the floor.
At the Christmas holidays in the house on the floor lay hay or straw. So on her and walked until the third day of Christmas or the New Year's Eve. After that, the hay was taken and burned on the road, at the gate or in the garden. Sometimes they jumped through this fire.

Funeral games
Hutsuls are special people, and even their funeral does not look like funerals of other ethnic groups.

The deceased here kept two days, the third was buried. In the evenings, going around the deceased relatives and neighbors, the clerk read the psalms, and after all treated ... vodka.

The most popular tradition of Hutsul funerals is the so-called "pearls". These are the games that young people watched during the funeral, such as those that were enjoyed during springtime festivities and weddings.

Goat at the dead.
In the life of the population of the Carpathians and the Carpathian strip also had the tradition to play games with the dead. For this purpose, a goat head pattern was used, which was worn on a polygon, similar to that worn on Melanca.

They also sang and danced, accompanying the deceased to another life.

The deceased who drinks water.
Verkhovyntsi in front of the hut, where the deceased lay, fired the bonfires and trumped in trembita.

The house did not drink water, since it was believed that it could drink a soul. If someone wanted to sit on the bench, he blinked on her so as not to crush the soul of the deceased.

To confuse the road of the dead.
Those same tops of the coffin from the house were carried out so as to prevent the deceased from finding a way home. The deceased was kicked forward through the back door. Then three times they knocked the coffin on the threshold of the house, so that the deceased farewell to the ancestors and did not return again.

When the coffin was taken from the house, in the place where it was standing, they broke a new pot. And the way the dead was carried out was sprinkled with rye and barley, so that nobody else died at home.

Picnic on the grave.
Although Christian religion and the church are not asking for this, there is a tradition of arranging "picnics" at the cemetery. At the grave on various holidays bring food and even alcohol. It all sets and leaves the deceased. In addition, relatives drink over the grave.

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