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Older than the pyramids and Stonehenge "the place of power". The Mysteries of Stone Grave.

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Older than the pyramids and Stonehenge "the place of power". The Mysteries of Stone Grave.

What is Stone Grave? How is this object determined by scientists, but as connoisseurs of "places of power"? What is the age of rock paintings left in the grotto by ancient people? Why are people from all over the world going to touch the stones of The Stone Tomb? On the day of the summer solstice, Radio Svoboda questioned Irina Lobanova, the chief custodian of the funds of the Museum of the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Stone Grave".

- Stone Tomb, or The Stone Tomb - a unique monument of geology and archeology of world significance, located in the Zaporozhye region near Melitopol. You go to the Ukrainian steppe and suddenly you see a hill that looks like a grave overlaid with giant stones. The stones are chimerical, they lie on a "pillow" of yellow sand sparkled with gold under the sun's rays.

In front of you - like the palm of the steppe - a tall sandstone hill, behind which the tops of the trees barely visible. In its grottoes and caves there are thousands of petroglyphs - rock paintings of ancient people who lived and wandered in the Azov steppes many millennia ago.

This is the only place in the world where pictures on a small area are dated from such a wide historical range: from the late Paleolithic period to the Middle Ages (20-16 millennium BC - 11-13 centuries AD).

Nailing patterns of ancient people on the stones of the Stone Grave.

The people who lived here called the hill Stone Moiga.

Why the grave? For obviously for the ancient hunters, pastoralists and farmers, the high mounds in the steppe are the tombs of the ancestors. However, in Ukraine, "graves", remember Shevchenko, also called all the great hills, in which even nobody has ever been buried.

Scientists consider the Stone Tomb as a natural formation. They say that when the Sarmat Sea, which occupied the territory of modern Black, Azov and Caspian seas, was here 14-12 million years ago, there was a sandstone. The sea went, the desert reigned. There were red-brown clays containing iron and manganese. Subsequently, the gutters of the Pril-Molochnaya River formed, the water of which passed deep into the earth, and the oxides of iron and manganese appeared on the surface, forming a rocky rock.

So gradually there appeared on this site sandstone monolith. During the melting of the Dnipro glacier in the north, "great water", flowing south, formed valley rivers. Due to the natural deepening of the river bed Milk huge island was on the surface of the valley. Under the influence of water and wind, the primary shield of sandstone split, and its fragments slipped along the sand - a kind of rocky hill appeared.

Stones of Stone Grave on golden sand, Zaporozhye region. June 18, 2018.

Over time, under the influence of wind and water, the plates acquired amazing shapes and outlines. Today, many of them can see the mollusks of the Sarmatian Sea. However, this is not a chaotic accumulation of plates, but a stone armor, in which grottoes and caves were formed, which proved to be very convenient for the ancient people and for the rites of their ancient cults.

- In addition to the scientific, there are other points of view on the Stone Tomb. Today is the day of the summer solstice, a day special for the Gentiles and representatives of many religious and philosophical currents. How do scientists "forces places" determine The Stone Tomb?

- Yes, in fact, many people consider the Stone Tomb "a place of power" and feel its powerful energy. Here come to receive healing, to make a wish, to be charged with positive emotions. Representatives of various energy practices, pagans, ufologists, bioenergy - all consider this a place "their", such as "giving strength".

Stone Tomb, grotto.

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ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
This was confirmed by one of the highest Tibetan lamas from Nepal, Karma Kagyu line, Rinpoche Lopon Tsechu, who visited the Stone Tomb in the summer of 1995.  And this is not surprising, because more than 20 thousand years ago, people began to conduct religious ceremonies here, establishing through them, as they believed the connection with all living and nonliving, with Nature and Cosmos.

Stone Tomb became a sanctuary for the ancient inhabitants of the Priazov and Black Sea steppes, and each grotto of the monument played the role of a kind of altar, where ceremonial actions and sacrifices were carried out.

- What are the famous places in the world comparable to Stone Grave?

- When it comes to rock paintings, many analogies to the figures of Stone Grave from various eras can be found in such famous cultural heritage sites as Tamgaly (Kazakhstan), Val-Camonica (Italy), Levanto, Altamira, Siega Verde  Spain), Gobustan (Azerbaijan), Boguslens (Sweden), Alta (Norway) and others.

The Stone Tomb served as the "world mountain" as an Olympus in Ancient Greece.  She (as a natural creation, unlike the much later religious objects created by people - Ed.) Is older than Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids and all the cuddles (step-wise buildings of the Mesopotamia - ed.) Of the East.

Stone Tomb, Zaporozhye region, Ukraine.

This steppe hill, this The Stone Tomb, is a kind of model of the World reflecting the essence of the cosmic system, that is, the entrance to the lower, the otherworldly world.  On the other hand, the Stone Grave is a kind of temple that unites three worlds - heavenly, terrestrial and underground.  And this role of the sandstone hill lasted for many millennia.

- What interesting stone of Stone Grave can tell us - people of the 21st century new era?

- Oh, a lot.  Only need to be able to listen.  Stone Tomb is a temple of our common human culture and spirituality that has survived in the south of Ukraine, where not only petroglyphs and picturesque paintings are concentrated - mythological works, but also preserved the first samples of writing, which testify to the high culture of our ancestors.  All that we have today, what we achieved in the era of technological progress, was laid in that ancient times.

- Which of the scientists determines the inscriptions of Stone could as confirmation of connection with indoarium?  What links the Stone Grave with the Vedas?

- At the end of the 4th-3rd millennium BC on the lands of south-eastern Europe - from the Danube to the Urals - Indo-Iranian settlers settled in the group of Indo-European peoples and called themselves Aryans.  In the North Azov Sea, representatives of the Yamna culture were carriers of Indo-Aryan languages.

In the grottoes and caves of the Stone Grave the complex complex of beliefs and customs of the tribal tribes is reflected.  Among the numerous linear-geometric petroglyphs, there are also the oldest written signs.

Stone "Sleeping Angel" and Museum of Primitive Art of the "Stone Grave" Reserve.

One of the researchers The Stone Tomb, the founder and first director of the reserve, Boris Mikhailov, during the study and interpretation of the drawings, saw many analogues of various stories and characters from the world-famous Richmond: the dragon Vritha, the images of human hands and feet, the horses and dogs, the Tree of Life, and others.

And the cult of bulls and cows, which was one of the main among many ancient peoples (India, Egypt, Babylon, Crete, Greece), is clearly reflected in the Bull's grotto.

- What are the unique things in the Museum of Primitive Art of the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Stone Grave"?

- The Museum of "Primitive Art of Stone Grave" has a unique collection of exhibits on the history of inhabitants of the southern steppes from the late Paleolithic period to the Bronze and Middle Ages.

Irina Lobanova conducts an excursion at the Museum of Primitive Art of the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Stone Grave".

If you want, then through this collection you can trace the history of mankind - from the appearance of the first drawings and the development of rock paintings.  We have many examples of ancient art and material culture that characterize the economy and the lives of our ancestors: tools, ceramic ware, weapons, churings-sculptures, anthropomorphic steles, as well as rock paintings.

Petroglyphs of the Stone Grave occupy a special place in the collection.  Everyone sees their own, but the scientific fact that the images of animals left for us by the ancient hunters, pastoralists and farmers are not only evidence of how the world was a few millennia ago, but also the confirmation of the ability of the ancient man to creativity and the transfer of information  .

- So what is the main mystery of The Stone Tomb?

- The secret, maybe today will be revealed to me, because now is the summer solstice.  Suddenly the color of the fern will happen!

Sunrise over the Stone Grave.

And if seriously, then for me the main mystery of the Stone Grave is that on the background of the boundless steppe it was and is only a small grain of sand. But for many thousands of years it was a sanctuary for various and, apparently, such distant nations. And the main thing - it continues to be. And it's almost a miracle.

Personally, for me, this is one of those places where you can fully feel that we, like thousands of years ago, are only a small particle of great Nature.

And we are all connected with each other, and with the world in which we live ...

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