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1 SLAVIC WORLDVIEW. on Fri 26 Oct 2018 - 18:41


Snake Witch,assistant admin
Snake Witch,assistant admin

The legacy of ancestors.
Magi, healers, witches, sorcerers, witches...

How many names we have in Russian to identify people with knowledge and abilities who helped and help the common man in his daily life. There are many more words denoting that a person belongs to the caste of initiates in the Vedic knowledge of our Ancestors. The meaning of all these names comes from words having one meaning - “knowledge”, “light”, “good”, and not one - from a word that has the meaning “evil”.

Other Russian designations of knowledgeable people are the words "healer", having the same Slavic root - "know."
The concept most forbidden by the Christian church "Magus" is also one of the oldest names of a person with supernatural powers. Magi, magicians were people of special rank, influencing the state and social life. Since the priests from ancient times were called by the Slavs as wise men, and their activity was called "volkhоvanie", then this word later became synonymous with magic and sorcery.

The wise men knew many meteorological signs, the power and effect of various herbs and skillfully applied hypnosis. In some cases, the Slavs and the princes were perceived as wise men or were they, being both warriors and wise men. The image of the prince - the sorcerer, the leader of the squad, the all-powerful sorcerer - was also reflected in the epics. In the epic story about Volga Vseslav'evich, he, a warrior, a hero, turned around now in pike, now in wolf, now in bird. The wise men were excellent herbalists and watermen. Now even science has confirmed the importance and effectiveness of phytotherapy and the ability to “charge” water, changing the structure of its molecules and giving the water new, unusual and healing properties.

The wise men also had serious knowledge in alternative medicine. They successfully treated patients with drugs of plant and animal origin, and were well versed in medicinal plants. Treated with minerals, metals, ashes and secret means; knew diet therapy and reflexology earlier and better than the Chinese; perfectly owned acupressure and various types of massage; chiropractic and manual therapy; possessed bone martial art and the art of treating joints; able to successfully heal wounds of different origin and injuries; owned surgery, including energy; owned obstetric and gynecological methods; they knew how to apply physical and therapeutic treatments: moxibustion, acupuncture, bleeding, energy massage, compresses and applications, mud therapy, mineral water and aerosols, clay therapy, hydrotherapy, cold therapy, etc .; rheumatism, radiculitis, stretching of muscles and ligaments, teeth and toothaches, blood pressure, eye diseases, heart and blood vessel diseases were originally treated; effectively treated, even today still incurable, complex mental illness and more.

Witches, healers, shamans, magicians, healers
The Witch is a knowing mother who knows the Vedas. A woman who knows something. It may have a small amount of knowledge, for example, be able to fly, and everything is nothing more, or move objects. This is the knowledge. But this is being taught, it needs to be recognized.
Medicine men are people who know, but mostly specialize in the field of health restoration. That is, they know how to identify the disease, how to get rid of it. Therefore, they were singled out in a special caste.
Shamans - a kind of mediator between the spirits of nature and people. It occurs in a state of trance. In order to fall into it, the shaman must turn off the consciousness, and then spirits begin to speak through him. But who will speak through him, who will act, the shaman does not know. Not always the spirits of nature are benevolent towards man. Therefore, to say in advance that good or evil will come from the shaman is difficult. That's who he possessed at this time, he will broadcast through it. Most often, they fall into a trance under the influence of narcotic substances, or under the action of smoke, toxic substances and the like. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the shamans carefully: it is not known who you are dealing with at the moment.

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2 Re: SLAVIC WORLDVIEW. on Fri 26 Oct 2018 - 18:48


Snake Witch,assistant admin
Snake Witch,assistant admin
Magician - a person who can. A man of power. You can - magician. Can not, then not a magician. The basic tricks of magic are impact and control.
Units on various colors of magic are rather relative.
White - creative. When the magician, using natural forces and phenomena, gets a positive result. It needs rain. By controlling the elements of nature, the magician gets rain. That is, controls the elements.
Gray - as a rule, love magic. The magic of securing a person for a place, for another person, various bindings. Any dependence is captivity, it is a loss of energy. It is undesirable to use it, because the use of gray magic burdens karma and sooner or later the reward will come.
Green - ritual sympathetic magic. Uses the rituals of attracting different spirits, elements by sympathetic communication. Reliance is not on the elements of nature, but on certain entities that may be different. Any object has a sympathetic connection with the subject, with the name. For example, a photo of a person always has a sympathetic connection with the person himself. Influencing a photo, it is possible to influence the person himself. The item of personal use maintains a sympathetic connection and through this item you can control a person. Even the place you sit on keeps a sympathetic connection with you.
A psychic is a person with supersensible or special perception.
The healer is his task to give a person a holistic perception of the world, make it whole, give him a purpose.
Healing has always been the domain of knowledgeable people: healers, sorcerers, witches, etc. Therefore, all of them can be combined under the name “Healers” (sculpturing, restoring, body), which in our ancient language meant: restoring the integrity of the whole person. That is, as a modern medicine, they did not cure the effects of the disease, but restored the original integrity of the person applying to them for help, eliminating both the causes of the disease and its consequences at all energy levels. Such people were often born with the gift of treatment, which they developed under the guidance of wise mentors and passed on their knowledge from generation to generation. This whole system of medical practice was based on the study and knowledge of the Slavic Vedas.

And the beginning of the training of the person in charge with the study of the basics of the universe, knowing that it was possible to understand the essence of various medical techniques. The ancient Faith of our First Anticipients teaches that the basis of all the Worlds of our cosmos — Yav, Navi and Rule — is energy, which originates from the primary source (RA-M-HI or REIKI) - as we have already discussed in the relevant section), which manifested itself in our of reality. The primary source emits a stream of luminous sparks (Atma, Spirit) that emit radiance. This radiance, spreading over the Higher Worlds, is condensed all the time until it becomes a living form in our physical World of Reveal. The living form enters into relationship with other energies, both already condensed to the state of matter of the World of Evi and with existing subtle forms. Thus, Energy penetrates into all corners of the Universe, into every cell, particle, essence, etc. According to the ancient teachings of the Slavs, the basis of any energy is Energon - the smallest and greatest particle that carries all the original information about the Universe. During the formation of Energonov compounds, the emergence and development of various systems occurs, information is being exchanged and updated. In accordance with the foregoing, our Ancestors from ancient times understood that any object in the World of Yavi is just a collection of energies of various densities. They also knew that there must be a controlling force that holds this structure in one form or another. The ancestors called this controlling force the Spirit (or Reiki, Alive, etc.), so they said that everything has the Spirit: the stone, the tree, the lake, etc. The man also has the Spirit that controls the body by means of energies of a certain spectrum, carrying the prescribed information. That is, Slavic Vedic teachings clearly state that information rules the world. A person can perceive this information with the help of the senses and process it with the help of the brain. Therefore, the human brain was considered by our Ancestors as a system for controlling the physical body and a channel of communication between the physical body and the consciousness (shared knowledge of the Soul and Spirit) of a person.

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3 Re: SLAVIC WORLDVIEW. on Fri 26 Oct 2018 - 19:09


Snake Witch,assistant admin
Snake Witch,assistant admin
Our Ancestors knew that an earthly person is not just a physical body, but a multi-structural energy system.
He has:
- two-dimensional Mind (system of learning and learning);
- three-dimensional body (living in the fourth dimension - time);
- sixteen Mind (system of embodiment and creativity);
- multidimensional Soul;
- Immeasurable (extra-dimensional) Spirit;
Conscience (a joint message from the Gods and Ancestors), that is, external Light, penetrating inside and illuminating certain moments of the Life of a person, his structure and conscience is a moral quality: “do not do to others what you don’t wish yourself.

The most common, of course, were informational applications (spells and rites). They were used, as well as independent methods of healing, and in combination with other therapeutic agents, herbs, roots, mechanical influences, etc. Already in our time science has confirmed that information rules the world, and our Ancestors knew this for a long time. Modern developments of medical scientists show that to produce an effect on the body in order to change its physical characteristics in order to obtain a therapeutic effect, one can not even take drugs inside, but rather simply act on the control information. It has been experimentally proven that it is possible to glue the desired pill to your body with the help of adhesive tape. If you carry it over for a certain time, the result will be the same as if you took it inside.
The strength of the effect will naturally be weaker, but the direction of the effect is the same. Our Ancestors, of course, did not know the pills, but they carried on themselves for health purposes, various plant roots, conspiracy amulets, or simply used various plots aimed at changing the information field of a person.

But time passed, and the introduction of the Christian religion alien to the Slavs (Religion: “D” - repetition, “league” - connection, that is, this repeated connection with the Gods, as a rule, through some guru or prophet) changed the original informational meaning of many spells. In the era of Christianity, these ancient appeals were renewed by inserting the names of the Savior, the Mother of God, the apostles and various saints (that is, the Slavic Deities were replaced by the Jewish ones). Many conspiracies were altered to such a degree in accordance with the new creeds that they became part of the shabs of the 15-17 centuries under the name of prayers.
We will bring spells and rituals precisely in the original, Slavic form in which people in charge know them at the present time. Another part of the conspiracies was restored, alien inserts were removed from them, especially concerning the humiliation of a person to the state of a slave. Because the Slavs were always initially children of their Gods (our Great Ancestors, from whom the genealogy of each Slavic family was born), and our Gods do not demand humiliation from their descendants, they always communicate with us on an equal footing, as it should be with their children. Indeed, in the Slavic Vedas in support of this it is said: "Ancestors are ancient deities, Everlasting, caring for purity, always chaste, disgusted with quarrels, endowed with great virtues." And only with the violent acceptance of Christianity of Slavs by Prince Vladimir, the slaves of the God of Israel, but the Slavic Soul never accepts the treatment - “the servant of God”, therefore you will not find any degrading treatment in the materials cited by us in this section.

When casting spells and performing rituals and ceremonies, according to ancient legends, the Slavs dawned upon Perunitsa, which the Old Believers are currently doing. For this, the three fingers of the right hand (big, nameless and small) were joined together in honor of the Great Triglav - Svarog, Perun and Sventovit, which were Conscience, Freedom and Light, and two fingers (index and middle) were connected straight together - this meant God of the Family Heavenly and Ladu-Mother of God. Then two fingers thus folded were laid first on the forehead, then on the eyes (on the left eye, then on the right eye), then on the mouth (⚡️).
So was made a small Perunitsa. The big one is the brow, the left shoulder, the right shoulder and the navel. The sign repeated the lightning of God of Perun, who consecrated the life of our Ancestors. The physical explanation of this ritual is very simple: on the arm we have a radial nerve that splits in the hand and ends in the middle and index finger. Through it, radiation is emitted outside our internal energy. When we touch our chakras with these fingers, we send energy to them and thereby activate them, forcing them to work in an enhanced mode. Thus, we strengthen the body’s own protective properties and can emit a higher energy flow. The Nikonov reform of the rites carried out by Christians in the 17th century forbade this ritual by introducing a three-fist baptism. But, closing the flow of energy in his hand with his thumb, Christians no longer radiate it to the outside and thus block certain energy centers.
In addition to perunita themselves, the Slavs said during rituals:

Taken from the Internet.

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