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Ways of clairvoyance.

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1 Ways of clairvoyance. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 19:45


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Ways of clairvoyance.

  Clairvoyance can take place:
 1. Intuitively, due to inspiration or insight, when it comes to direct or unexpected spontaneous anticipation or foreboding.
  2. It can be caused by various processes leading to the so-called split personality.
  The second point refers to such clairvoyants and mediums, who use their art consciously, with a definite purpose.
  To concentrate on the necessary vision, the clairvoyants from time immemorial used additional various aids (these tools are called calipers or mandations). The caliper is in itself necessary in order to quickly and efficiently concentrate attention.
  The method of clairvoyance, in which to obtain information about a particular person or event, needs some object related to the object under study, is called psychometry. However, if a person who does not have or does not develop his paranormal abilities, will start using them, most likely, it will be ineffective.
There are the following types of slides (methods):
  1. Symbolic.
  2. Witchcraft.
  3. Analytical.
  4. Average.
  5. Fluid and vibratory.
  6. Hallucinatory.
  7. Excitant.
  8. Hypnotic.
  We will analyze each separately.

Symbolic methods.
  a) Tarot cards, Lenormann cards, ordinary maps.
  b) Divination by the coffee grounds and by tea leaves.
  c) Divination with the help of melted wax.
  d) Runic predictions.
  e) Guessing on the bones (dice).
 f) Prophetic and symbolic dreams (prophetic ones differ from symbolic ones in that they speak about events directly, and symbolic dreams need to be interpreted).
  g) Divination by the book (most often for such a case the Bible or the Psalter is taken).

Wizarding methods.
  The witch method is based on autohypnosis, that is, self-hypnosis. This is the concentration and concentration of the view, whose goal is to "suppress" or "put to sleep" a normal, real perception of reality and to stimulate visions and images in a conscious state. In other words, we are talking about a light trance state in which consciousness "goes" to the background, subconscious processes dominate, which are both sensory and visual (less often - auditory, that is, auditory images). Achieving this condition is very easy, especially if you own the techniques of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. There are many methods of entering into trance in psychology and psychotherapy, the simplest of them is a long and intense concentration of attention on some subject or object, on the inner sensations of the body. In magic, you must observe a certain "entourage".
  A similar trance draws images from the subconscious, interweaves with real events, forming new meanings and meanings, which are then interpreted as a vision of the future. It's hard to say whether this is really the future, or a person "writes" to himself in the subconscious a new program and then it realizes it, but one thing is certain - it works!

Crystal ball. Mirror.
  A crystal (sometimes glass) ball and a mirror cause visual visions. These objects are symbols of sorcery for magicians. They are known for many centuries. Due to their wide distribution and "recognizability", such attributes already have a powerful enough effect on a person's consciousness, linking his possessor to the otherworldly power and thereby adding to his authority.
Observation of fire, observation of the flame.
  Sometimes they look at the reflection of a flame in a mirror (for example, they put a candle in front of a mirror or between two mirrors).
  Long look at the water. You can look at the clear water to see what is planned, or put a symbolic thing in the water (for example, to see in the water the image of the "sucked", the girls put a ring in the water).
Analytical methods.
  Analytical methods refer to consciousness and require an accurate analysis of abstract schemes.
  The relationship between the position of the planets at the time of birth and the characteristics of a person are analyzed.
  This method is widely used among African magicians. On the ground, stones or grains are scattered and symbols are interpreted according to their arrangement. A similar method exists for the Arabs, who use special maps with classical geomantic forms to clarify the events.
Guessing on the Chinese "Book of Changes".
  The famous Chinese "Book of Changes," or "I-Ching," is in demand not only among mages and fortune tellers, but also among ordinary people. To form figures (hexagrams), sticks are used, then the values ​​are explained. In the modern version of the interpretation, an easier method is used: several times 3 coins are tossed and a straight or intermittent line is drawn on paper, depending on which side of the coin fell - the "eagle" or "the bar". Most often the prediction is not a direct, but a portable value, and in order to understand it, you need a certain correction.
  Palmistry - the interpretation of fate along the lines in the palm of your hand. This method appeared in India and then spread all over the world. It is used by all nations.
  Each digit refers to a certain letter of the alphabet. Interpretation of the number is made after summing up the digits of the number of the name, surname, patronymic of the person.
  It is believed that this method was developed by the famous mathematician Pythagoras.

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2 Re: Ways of clairvoyance. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 19:59


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Medium methods.
  Using psychic techniques, the clairvoyant enters a state of trance (split personality), which allows him to see hidden phenomena or invisible personalities (deceased people, etc.).
  Spiritism is the establishment of contact and communication with the souls of dead people with the help of a mediator - a medium.
Automatic (automatic recording).
  The medium is in a state of trance, and his hand mechanically writes the answers to the questions asked; it is believed that the spirit of the deceased temporarily settles into the medium and governs his hand.
  The next way. The medium puts his hand on a pre-prepared plate with a notch or a hole for letters that moves along a sheet of paper with written letters. In this case, the spirit directs the movement, stopping at the individual letters. From these letters, another interested person (an assistant or one who asks questions) is the right words.
Rotating table.
  For this purpose, a special table with a round surface on three legs is taken. Participants sit around him and join hands, forming a circle. After the mood for the maximum concentration of participants, the table comes into motion and beeps are heard, denoting letters by a certain transmission code. Then the information is deciphered.
Incorporation (body occupation).
  A certain evoked spirit enters the body of the medium in a state of duality of personality and transmits its message in its voice, unlike the ordinary voice of the medium.
Fluid and vibration methods.
  Fluid and vibration methods presuppose special sensations of the clairvoyant, causing a state of vibration that fosters paranormal perception.
  From the object emanate certain fluids, vibrations that help to get in touch with this object and see interesting events. (For example, picking up an ancient cross and focusing on your feelings, the clairvoyant can see fragments of a past life - the place where this cross lived, the people to whom it belonged, etc.).
  Putting his hand on the photograph and concentrating, the master can see the picture associated with this person - where he is, whether he is alive, etc.
  Radiostecia is the clarification of answers with the help of a pendulum, frame, vines. These instruments are often used to search for people and animals, lost objects, diagnosis of diseases and geopathic zones.
  With the help of radio astrology, they usually looked for sources of valuable natural resources and treasures. By the way, the Bible mentions the "rod of God" with which Moses performed miracles in Egypt.
Hallucinatory methods.
  One of the hallucinatory methods - the use of hallucinogenic plants - was used by shamans, it is still used in some tribes.
  Modern clairvoyants refused to use such substances, so as not to violate their mental state.
  Through meditation they enter a state of deep concentration, which has a beneficial effect on the manifestations of clairvoyance.
  Concentration on prayer gives a feeling of spiritual ecstasy and can cause visual or auditory visions.

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3 Re: Ways of clairvoyance. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 20:03


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Exciting methods (cooling or acupuncture).

  Exciting methods were first developed and applied by Professor Caligaris at the clinic in Udine. A person practicing clairvoyance, in a state of rest and relaxation, puts on the middle finger of his hand a piece of chilled glass, or the pad of this finger is rubbed well with moss. Then he needs to remember and describe the events or sensations that will be different from the usual ones the next day. It is assumed that "stimulation of individual skin areas by touching cold objects or passing a weak current stimulates conditioned reflexes, different for each of the predictions." After the "awakening" of the reflex at a certain hour, visions appear. Usually the excitation of these reflexes passes gradually.
  Applying this method, first learn to see the events that will occur in 5 minutes. For example, the head of the experiment prepared a sealed letter, the content of which is unknown to the object. He will let him read this letter in 5 minutes. Therefore, the object must "see" the letter and understand its text. In the course of this experiment, the outer side of the left foot touches a cold round metal object about 1 cm in diameter (you can take a coin of this size). If at this time there is a feeling of thirst, a cold in the teeth, this is a sign that the object will get the right vision.
  In order to evoke visions from an indefinite future, one must press a cold metal circle to the back of the leg (3-4 cm below the knee bend). If there are such feelings as heat in the mouth, pain in the right side, cold in the left side of the body - the object will see the necessary events.
  To anticipate the future, you can use a photograph of the object or several lines written by his hand. In this case, you must put a photo or a written sheet under your left hand. Then find a sensitive point 12 mm in diameter, located centimeter from the left lateral line of the body and 1 cm below the chest line, and press the metal circle. Sensations of dryness in the mouth, taste of mold, the appearance of orange with closed eyes indicate that the object will see its future.

Hypnotic methods.
  These methods resemble witchcraft. Initiative in hypnotic methods takes on a hypnotist. When hypnosis is reached, the state of clairvoyance is achieved, but this method can only be subjected to sensitive people or subjected to emotional stress. In this case, the hypnotist catches the thought of the object and can direct this thought.
  All these methods are interesting and worthy of attention, since they create favorable opportunities for clairvoyance. Dreams can also tell the right situation and give the right answer. Dreams are a dialogue between a person, the environment and the Cosmos. Usually, the more a person begins to delve into clairvoyance, the brighter and more colorful he begins to dream. Therefore, work with dreams also need to be given some attention. "Tune in to get the right hints or fragments, the person in the dream gets certain fluids (rays) coming from the future, caused by light, sound and electrical effects that are the result of phenomena occurring in the Cosmos" (William Tiller). The clairvoyant catches these emissions. However, in order to achieve this consciousness during sleep, one must be able to control one's state of sleep, wakefulness and half-sleep. This control is individual for each person, while practicing constant practice, it is possible to develop such control capabilities well.
  Important methods for the development of telepathy, clairvoyance and telekinesis are contemplation (this is the first step on the way to transition to trance) and visualization - the ability to represent images. Gerard Cordonier in his studies, entitled "The Kingdom of God of geometry," describes in this way the visualization and contemplation of the key: "The key from the door was contemplation, with which attention develops, takes root, pushes its branches onto which the" celestial birds "sit and which cover with their shadow an ever increasing area. Initially, "accurate" observation later spreads to a set of points, rather than to one, becomes "linear", and then unfolds in new dimensions. " It is logically difficult to explain such a view, since contemplation and visualization is not a mental perception of images, but perception by sensations into which consciousness is immersed when contemplated.
  A good method of developing attention is the ability to imagine and change objects in your imagination. For example, the simplest is the representation of a small ball (concentrating on color, shape, size, smoothness, elasticity), imagining instantly redoing the ball into an apple (a sense of taste is added, the sense of elasticity disappears), then this apple appears surrounded by leaves and branches of trees (added the feeling of temperature - summer, warmth), the picture visually expands to a large tree in the garden and grows into an apple orchard (the perception of the smell of the garden, the feeling of the wind), etc. Such exercises can easily be done during respiratory. The development of visual perception is very important for clairvoyance, since you will have prepared the consciousness of an "inner vision" to see images and take into account not only the main object of attention, but also the surrounding situation, expand the "place of vision" to a geographical map and take into account minor details.
  It is very important to develop the ability to consciously isolate oneself from any noise (be able to concentrate and concentrate in the crowd, with the TV on, while traveling in the car). Clairvoyants are able to perfectly control their thoughts and create an imaginary screen, on which events, numbers, faces clearly see. Slow and deep breathing and the ability to maximally relax your muscles - an important factor for the transition to a dual state. "My body sank in a state of complete relaxation and quickly fell asleep, while the liberated thought that continued to watch him woke up in a purely intellectual world, where neither the body nor the physical environment was in sight. Despite the stillness, there was a sense of gradual ascension, allowing you to monitor the panorama from a higher level. The smoke still concealed some of the more closely located sites, which I had not yet studied before. The presence of fog is significant in my experiment. There is a transition from the waking state to the awakening state, and not the instantaneousness of the vision ... The thought at this time studies the familiar places, catches it like a radar, and the solution appears on the screen in a multitude of dimensions. but the state of observation is essential, which allows you to catch everything at once. "

Tatyana Radchenko.

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